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Asked by Lee Elenbaas on 2011-09-19

Will it be possible to save (and when possible import) the QIF file from google docs?
Will it be able to automatically import QIF file from google docs once such a feature will be implemented?

I want to keep two financisto installations in sync and also in sync with my home computer application

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Levan Chikobava (levan4mail) said : #1

Hello Lee!
 If I understand the thing aright, You want to synchronize two programs? One for example at home and one in office.
You can do it this way. I give you an example.

At home with Ubuntu: select a folder in the storage where a QIF-File placed. Sync this folder with Ubuntu One. Financisto have to use this folder for work. If your work with your QIF-Files, the changed files will be automatically synchronized with Ubuntu One.

If you use another PC with Ubuntu or Windows PC you have just synchronize your folder with Ubuntu One.

Result: Two programs from two PCs use the same folder. All changes will be automatically update.

I hope, it will be helpful.

Lee Elenbaas (lee-elenbaas) said : #2

Generally you are right - i want to keep in sync 3 devices: two cellulars with financisto installed
and our home computer with some other program installed on it.

this means that i can not just sync the DB files since i will need different programs that will access the file - so i need a standard file for that - and QIF is a good format for that.

Also financisto currently does not support QIF import - so my question is - does the necessary features are on the future versions plans?

Also from your answer came another option - sharing the financisto files themselvs, and then run on the home computer financisto using an android emulator - might be worth considering.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #3

This question was expired because it remained in the 'Open' state without activity for the last 15 days.

There are plans to add some kind of synchronization. We will add full qif import quite soon following by partial qif import to do periodic imports.

On the side note, I don't think that qif is such a good format it has many flaws. Eg - it does not support multiple currencies, etc.

Lee Elenbaas (lee-elenbaas) said : #5

I an less picky about format. Make partial sync possible then formats can come. right now i manually sync my blotter into one client then google backup it and restor on the other 2 clients

KhaaL (khaal) said : #6

I'm curious if any progress has been made on this feature? This discussion has been dormant for a while.