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Asked by ksee on 2011-08-22


Is there a estimate of when CSV Import is going to be available?

Much as I'd really like to, I just can't start using Financisto until I'm able to import my old data.

Even going back a month or so would involve recreating dozens of transactions (I run business and my dad's accounts alongside my own in EasyMoney at the moment), but ideally I'd like to be able to import a year's worth or historical data.

This is a great piece of software but it really needs the ability to import data.

Excellent work on the Splits feature BTW...it really works well :)



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smika (s-mika) said : #1

by now I am just an user of the great Financisto application. But I built a quick and dirty application based on release 1.4.8 to import banking account transfer data into Financisto by csv and html/xml (with xsl sheet) for my self.
At the moment the iport interface is special to my banking accounts.
If no one other is working on csv/xml import topic I could rework this to have it ore generic and provide this to the project.


ksee (ksee) said : #2

Hi Sebastian,

I'm not a coder (though I do work in IT), but I'm willing to work with you with any testing etc to get a CSV import facility going.

Over the past few days I've bitten the bullet and entered most of my old transactions manually....god what a chore! But I still feel this feature is very badly needed, as it will not only help us existing Financisto users with bulk imports from Banks etc, but will also make it much easier for new users to migrate to it through the ability to bulk import their historical data.

Any comment on the current status of this from Financisto developers would be welcome at this stage.



Sebastian, it would be great if you could work on csv import. It is probably the most requested (along with qif export) feature to date. Meanwhile I'll start working on qif export.

Btw interesting question which is still open - how to represent splits in csv. This should be considered in the import. But you could start with plain transactions and we'll figure splits later :)

Please do let e know if you would need any help to start with csv import.


smika (s-mika) said : #4

Hi ksee, Hi Denis,
yes I will work on the csv import. I have to port my solution to actual release and do it more generic as it is today.
First solution will be with plain transactions. But I will have requirements for splits in mind and will think about this.

please provide me a code branch for to work with.

as soon I have my first release committed to the branch I will inform you for some tests and feedback.



@Sebastian, please create your own branch for this feature. please take a look at this FAQ https://answers.launchpad.net/financisto/+faq/1563


smika (s-mika) said : #6

Hi ksee, Hi Denis,

I was busy in the last weeks but now I was able to release a first test version for csv import function.

on following link you will find the code branch with the csv import function: https://code.launchpad.net/~s-mika/financisto/csv_import
It would be great if you could have some test this with your needs.
Csv import schema is the same as for the actual csv export function. For first start you could export some transfers in a csv by csv export function and import this to another account by csv import function.

Any feedback is very welcome.

Thanks for your support.


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