How to start working with Bazaar

Created by Evgeniy Noskov on on 2011-04-16
Last updated by:
Denis Solonenko on on 2011-06-20

Step-by-step instruction to download the snapshot, make changes, request code review and then merge changes to the main trunk(optionally):

1. Decide what feature you'd like work on.
2. Create you own branch/branches (for working on multiple problems/features simultaneously). Navigate to (or simply click Commit code menu item on the financisto project home page). Fill a form and click Create.
3. Download and install Bazaar on you workstation -
4. Introduce yourself to Bazaar - bzr whoami "John Doe <>"
5. Register you SSH key -
6. Download the financisto latest snapshot - bzr branch lp:financisto. Now you have the code and able to start explore it and build. Do not forget that you need Android SDK installed on your PC + Google API Level 8+ (Attention!!! Not a regular Android API, Google API 8+ since Financisto uses google maps. And level 8 or higher - don't be confused by android manifest in the project but do not use API higher than 3 without approval - keep compatibility in mind).
7. Time-to-time you need to update your snapshot with the latest commits - 1) bzr merge 2) bzr diff to show the delta 3) bzr commit -m "Merge from trunk" if everything is ok.
8. Commit your changes time-to-time in order to not lost them :) Note commisions are local, they are not available in the main branch until code reviewed and merged - bzr commit -m "Reason to commit"
9. Please add your name into credits.htm to Contributors or Localizators section
10. You changes are ready - push you changes to the server - bzr push <your branch name created on step 2>
11. Request code review - go to your Launchpad profile, find your bazaar branch and click Propose for merge, enter bug id or blueprint id and then press Ok.
12. Address code review defects if any.
13. Code is done and approved - admins will merge it to the main branch. You need to do nothing!
14. Join Financisto project and request membership if you want to work on trunk directly.

Note that merge to the main stream is optional step. You can create your own financisto with a feature you desire but not approved for general usage due to some reason and then merge all new features from the main branch and keep your own Financisto up-to-date.

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