How to localize Financito into your language?

Created by Denis Solonenko on on 2010-08-30
Last updated by:
tlnd on on 2012-09-13

Financisto can be translated using

The following description is deprecated.

To help with localizing Financisto, yo have to do the following steps:

1) Get to know how bzr and launchpad works:
2) Download a copy of the trunk: bzr branch lp:financisto
3) Take a look how localization in Android works:
4) Create a new folder under /res like /res/values-xx-rYY (please follow to understand correct xx and YY values) and copy default English resources from /res/values/strings.xml to this folder
5) Translate the /res/values-xx-rYY/strings.xml into your language
6) Change /assets/credits.htm and put your name under Localizatiors section
6) Commit the code into your branch
7) Propose your branch for review/merge into trunk

I know, its a lot of work but Localization is a continuous effort and requires some dedication :)

Thank you in advance for making Financisto better!