runtime Error when trying some demos on ipython

Asked by aboubaker Gh

i'am new at FEniCS, i just installed it on my ubuntu, i tried some demos such as : Poisson, hyperelasticity.. and it work just fine. but when i try other demos it shows me different error messages:
for example ( =>
NameError Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-37-3c0281492394> in <module>()
----> 1 solver = KrylovSolver(krylov_method, "amg")
NameError: name 'krylov_method' is not defined
-- i'm having always the same kind of message.. error: "something" is not defined.
is it a problem with the installation? or something else?
thank you.

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aboubaker Gh (aboubaker25) said :

hi again,
i guess i solved my own problem, all you need to do is to check on few thing:
1- if you copy and paste a code sometimes you have to use the command %paste.
2-if the code calls a file with the extension .xml.gz and it tells you : *** Error: Unable to read data from XML file.
  try to specify the complete path of the file.
good luck