How do I create a new bookbag from the record display in Internet Explorer?

Created by Dan Scott on on 2009-12-21

In Internet Explorer, if you try creating a new bookbag from the record display page using the following steps:
 * Log in to the OPAC
 * Search for "new brunswick"
 * Click on a title to display the record details
 * Click on "More actions -> Create a new bookbag"

At this point, in Internet Explorer, the browser put an information bar at the top of the screen saying "This website is using a scripted window to ask you for information. If you trust this website, click here to allow scripted windows...". As well, a dialogue box with the title "Information Bar" popped up, asking "Did you notice the Information Bar? The information bar alerts you to security-related conditions, (for example, if a potentially unsafe file or pop-up was just blocked). If a webpage does not display properly, look for the Information Bar at the top of the page and click it."

You can click "Close" on the dialogue box, then clicked on the information bar and chose "Temporarily allow scripted windows." This makes the information bar go away, but doesn't help you create the bookbag because the expected "Create a new bookbag" window doesn't appear.

The trick, it seems, is to change the "More actions" drop-down back to "More actions", then change it back to "Create a new bookbag" again - and this time, because you have already temporarily allowed scripted windows on this page, you will be prompted to create a new bookbag.

If you want to avoid this three-step process in the future, you can add the site to your "Trusted sites" in Internet Explorer:
 * Click on Tools -> Internet Options in the Internet Explorer toolbar
 * Click on the "Security" tab
 * Click on the "Trusted sites" tab
 * Clear the checkbox that says "Require server verfication for all sites in this zone"
 * Add "https://hostname" to the list of trusted sites (where "hostname" is the host name for your Evergreen OPAC)
 * Add "http://hostname" to the list of trusted sites (where "hostname" is the host name for your Evergreen OPAC)