What is the difference between ETR and Planet Penguin Racer?

Asked by Gergely Máté

In Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid, both Extreme Tux Racer and Planet Penguin Racer are available. While the popularity meter of PPR is one star higher than ETR, on the website of PPR there have been no activities in the past years, while ETR seems somewhat active. Can someone please make me clear the difference between the two applications?

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Paweł Drewniak
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Sean (sean-thesprucehouse) said :

nothing just ETR is newer I think.

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Gergely Máté (sportember) said :

I would be interested in an answer at a bit more depth :-).

Is ETR a continuation of Planet Penguin Racer?
Which is currently maintained and/or developed?
Really nothing changed between the two?
Different codebases? Different levels?

Something like this :-).

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Sean (sean-thesprucehouse) said :

I opened planet pen racer an when to credits it said it is based on ETR thats it and I think they are made by different company's

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Best Paweł Drewniak (woody) said :

Planet Penguin Racer is a fork of the original Tux Racer, but it has not been maintained since 2005.
Extreme Tux Racer is a project founded in 2007, and it makes use of PPRacer, OpenRacer and Tux Racer legacy (mainly PPRacer source code was used).
It is currently probably the only penguin racing game being in active development.

Of course many things were changed in ETRacer - at ETRacer forums there is a list of things that were done - especially localisation, new levels, graphics, layout etc.
To maintain compatibility, it is possible to use standard Tux Racer/PPRacer levels in ETRacer.

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Gergely Máté (sportember) said :

Thank you very much, Paweł!

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Gergely Máté (sportember) said :

Thanks Paweł Drewniak, that solved my question.