Apply constant forces on different walls at the same time

Asked by Chen

Hi, everyone!

    Recently I plan to simulate particle packing under three different loads applied at the same time. In order to make my question more clear, I made a diagram to show the question (

    I saw a FAQ ( about assigning a constant force to a given wall, but it seems also for planar wall. So can I use LsmMpi.applyForceToWall(..) on mesh wall? If not, is there any other ways to simualte the loading condition?

thank you very much!


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Dion Weatherley (d-weatherley) said :

Hi Chen,

LsmMpi.applyForceToWall(..) only works with simple, planar walls not triangle mesh walls. Unfortunately we don't currently have a way to assign a prescribed force to sections of a triangle mesh wall (or 2D linear mesh wall). This would be somewhat complicated to implement but a very useful feature. I suspect we'll first need to fix the known bug with mesh walls ( before implementing force-control though.

Perhaps one way to work-around might be to implement a tagged Particle-Wall Interaction group that will only apply wall forces to particles with a certain tag. You could then create three plates (A,B, and C) made of particles with three different tags. Then add three planar walls (corresponding to A, B and C) that only interact with their respective plate particles. LsmMpi.applyForceToWall(..) could then be used to apply your desired boundary conditions.

It should be relatively easy to implement the tagged Particle-Wall Interaction simply by copying and modifying the NRotBondedWallPrms or NRotElasticWallPrms interactions to also accept a particle tag.

I hope this helps.



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Chen (chenjs923-163) said :

Hi, Dion:

thank you for your kindly reply. I will try the way you suggested to simulate the loading condition.
I hope this substitute method works.

Best regards,