Assign BrittleBeamPrms to Clusters

Asked by OscarJimenez

Hello all
I want to know if it's possible assign createConnections and createInteractionGroup(BrittleBeamPrms)
to particles in a cluster created in GenGeo (Chapter 4.5 of Tutorial)



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Best Dion Weatherley (d-weatherley) said :

Hi Oscar,

It is quite easy to assign BrittleBeamPrms interactions to clusters generated using the clusters example in the Tutorial. The mntable.generateClusterBonds(..) subroutine will create two lists of particle-pairs and assign these either a bond tag or 1 or 2. Particle-pairs with a bond tag of 1 are connections between particles contained within a single cluster. Particle-pairs with a bond tag of 2 are connections between particles residing in neighbouring clusters. This is illustrated in Figure 4.3B.

Once you are generated the gengeo output file, using mntable.write("mygeometry.geo",1), you can import this geometry into an ESyS-Particle simulation using sim.readGeometry("mygeometry.geo"). ESyS-Particle will then have the two particle-pair lists. All that remains is to define two different BrittleBeamPrms interaction groups; one for connections with a bond tag of 1 and another for connections with a bond tag of 2.

Note that it is not necessary to use sim.createConnections(..) when importing gengeo geometry files. The connection information is contained in the geometry file itself.

I hope this helps. Have fun!



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OscarJimenez ( said :

Thanks Dion Weatherley, that solved my question.