How to use the SphereBody

Asked by Bin Cheng on 2017-07-31


I am using ESyS-Particle to simulate the motion of many particles under central gravity of a big sphere. Because the particles will move to the surface of the core, I need to model the contact of particles and the big sphere, thus I want to use the SphereBody class but I find there are not documentations about this class in Module Hierarchy Website.

So, I want to ask:

1) How to add the SphereBody and how to add the interaction with particles in Python?

2) Could we move this SphereBody according to the Force or Velocity?

 Thanks in advance for the help.

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Bin Cheng (bincheng) said : #1

Ok, I have found how to use this class in \Python\esys\lsm.

#add the SphereBody
sim.createSphereBody(name="Core", posn=Vec3(0.0,0.0,0.0), radius=5.0)

#add the SphereBody Interaction

Hope it will help someone.

Bin Cheng (bincheng) said : #2

But I found that this model could only generate normal force, so the rolling and friction are not included.

I am trying to add the friction similar to that of RotFrictionPrms, so could someone give me some suggestions on how to memory the friction history? Through ParallelInteractionStorage or something else?