installing epoptes in openSuse 12.2 without ltsp

Asked by cicloturismo on 2013-02-18

I'm trying to install epoptes in 14 computers. I've already a server that controlled internet conection but I can't install anything on it. So I'd like to install epoptes-server in a pc and epoptes-client in the other ones as standalone clients. Previusly I did it between two ubuntu 12.2 computers and I had problems to get certificates ( it works with next order server-client -c [ip of server] ). And after that I have to change SERVER=server to SERVER=[ip of server] in /etc/default/epoptes-client

But when I installed in opensuse it doesn't appear /etc/default/epoptes-client archive so I can't modify server name

My computers are pentium4, 2,5GB RAM and have XFCE4, opensuse12.2.
is it not developed package to standalone clients yet? or Am I doing anything worng?

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Best Alkis Georgopoulos (alkisg) said : #1


sorry, no idea about OpenSUSE packaging, you'd have to use their bug tracker for configuration issues.

But, from
> Then you need to tell epoptes-client to which server it should connect.
> By default, it will try to connect to the DNS name "server".
> If you don't have a DNS server, you can put that in /etc/hosts.

I.e. instead of using /etc/default/epoptes-client, put the following line in the clients' /etc/hosts: server

Replace "" with the epoptes-server IP, but don't change the hostname "server".
That way the clients will know the epoptes-server with the hostname "server" so they'll be able to connect to it without you modifying /etc/default/epoptes-client.

cicloturismo (arodrigueznunez) said : #2

Thanks Alkis Georgopoulos, that solved my question.

LaƩrcio de Sousa (lbssousa) said : #3

In fact, original cyberorg epoptes package for openSUSE 12.2 lacks the file /etc/default/epoptes-client, but you can create it manually.

By the way, /etc/default is a Debian-specific folder normally used by sysv initscripts, as /etc/sysconfig does for Fedora. Since /etc/default/epoptes-client is also used outside init context, maybe Epoptes' developers could consider moving it to a more distro-agnostic path e.g. /etc/epoptes/epoptes-client.conf.

I'm working on my own Epoptes packages for latest Fedora/openSUSE releases, which migrated completely to systemd. I already have new systemd unit files for epoptes and epoptes-client, replacing original sysv initscripts. I also have a patch which replaces /etc/default/epoptes* references with /etc/epoptes/epoptes*.conf, and another patch that removes shebangs (#!/usr/bin/env python) from non-executable Python modules, in order to prevent some rpmlint warnings.

I could submit these patches upstream, if Epoptes' developers have interesest on them.