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Asked by miguel on 2009-01-11


1st of all Congratz by the 3rd version of Enterteiner, it sure looks prety clean and well organized.

Im a Archlinux+KDE user and this is what i did, i downloaded the enterteiner, tested it without instaling and then instaled it with "python install"

But i have some question:

Where goes the information that i put in the entertainer-content-manager?? my /usr/share/entertainer/cfg/content.conf is clear but i still have some music and video files, in perferrences i put my screen resolution 1440x900 but its all the same i think this error may have somthing to do with it

"Clutter:ERROR:clutter-stage.c:131:clutter_stage_get_preferred_width: assertion failed: (priv->impl != NULL)"

Still i dont know if i have to wait more time but i only have 1 movie showing in entertainer and i have loads of them the same with the music and images, portuguese language has many thinghs(´`~^) and maybe is that that is fucking this up. but my movies are all in english i dont understand why i cant see them all, do i have to wait long time for them to be shwoen?

So resuming all these are my questions:
1.Where goes the information that i put in the entertainer-content-manager?
2.Can i have this resolution (1440x900)?
3.Why i dont have all my movies and data indexed on entertainer?
4.(and and extra one) Is there anyway that i can see movies with subtitles in entertainer?

Now the good part, Entertainer 0.3 looks very good, video quality is perfect so as audio(volume is very loud, i like that:P), and entertainer uses like 4% of CPU and 2% of ram.
Its going realy well entertainer is alredy the nº1 media center for me and i tried them all(frevo, elisa,xbmc and more)

1 sugestion: Entertainer could be pretyer :P

Sry by my bad english i hope u can understand

Congratz from Portugal

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Matt Layman (mblayman) said : #1


Thanks for the kind words. I'm not sure I'll be able to answer all of your questions exactly, but I will try.

1) All configuration related information can be found ~/.config/entertainer. The directory you found (/usr/share/entertainer/cfg) is the template that we use when creating ~/.config/entertainer for the first time.

2) Yes, we don't have ways to set resolution size through the user interface yet, but you can set your resolution by editing ~/.config/entertainer/preferences.conf . The values you need to edit are "stage_height" and "stage_width".

3) Because we are doing some work on the indexer, this release of Entertainer will only index things once unless you tell them to do it again explicitly. This means that if you started up Entertainer and quickly closed it, you'll have to tell the entertainer-content-manager to reindex your stuff because you interrupted the initial scan. I would suggest that you check the log file (~/.config/entertainer/entertainer.log) and see if it reported any problems while indexing. I would not be surprised if not standard characters caused errors.

4) Nope, sorry we don't have any subtitle support right now.

Please feel free to report any bugs that you find. We need all the feedback we can get.


miguel (mssoares5) said : #2

Lol i forgot to check .config for entertainer files

My bad.

Another question how do i unintall entertainer?(to avoid upgrading version issues.)

Best Matt Layman (mblayman) said : #3

As far as I know, there isn't really a clean way to uninstall if you ran `sudo python install`.

But if you install a new version with the same command, it should overwrite any files that it needs to. And then the only thing you would need to do is replace your ~/.config/entertainer directory. You can perform that step by simply deleting your old one. Entertainer will try to create a new ~/.config/entertainer if it doesn't exist.

I think in the future we may try to figure out a way to upgrade user's config data so that they don't have to perform the step just described.

I hope this answers your question.

miguel (mssoares5) said : #4

Thanks Matt Layman, that solved my question.