Will this run on linux on PPC architecture (i.e. PS3)?

Asked by ps3 on 2008-12-17

A few other media center products (i.e. xbmc), although they run in linux, do not run on linux on the PPC architecture (i.e. older macs/mac mini, PS3, etc). Does Entertainer have the same issue? better yet, is there a "Systems Requirement" section somewhere on the site? I couldn't find it.

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Matt Layman (mblayman) said : #1

ps3, the answer is "it depends on our dependencies." I don't have any reason to believe that the code in Entertainer would not run on PPC. Therefore, I would speculate that if all of the project's dependencies (see the docs/DEPENDENCIES file) will run on PPC, then Entertainer would run on PPC.

I don't believe we have had anyone test on PPC, so if you are able to get Entertainer to run, please let us know. Thanks

ps3 (9mailme) said : #2

A follow up would be if you have any dependencies on specific graphics packages/GPU? I think that's where the others have had problems. For example, I don't know if the PS3 has OpenGL, for instance (not sure if that's what you guys are using.. just as an example).

Best Matt Layman (mblayman) said : #3

ps3, Entertainer is dependent on clutter, a graphics toolkit built on OpenGL, so if the PS3 can't support OpenGL, there clearly would be a problem.

But for the purpose of the original question, I think that the answer I provided was accurate. It would be awesome if we could run Entertainer on a PS3, but the whole application GUI has clutter as the centerpiece. Removing that dependency would be impossible which means OpenGL is a requirement.

It's pretty clear your focus is on the PS3. It sounds like Entertainer will not be able to help you in a search for a PS3 compatible media center app. Sorry, and good luck in your search.

ps3 (9mailme) said : #4

Thanks Matt Layman, that solved my question.

noromamai (noromamai) said : #5

i know it's an old thread, but just so if other people wanted to know or try it out, Entertainer does run on ppc64/PS3. I've just finished installing it. I have it running on a PS3 with Gentoo (32-bit userland) installed. It took a bit of searching to install all the dependencies because not all the names of the packages were the same as in the DEPENDENCIES.txt file. Several dependencies had to be installed from source instead of throught the portage system (yes yes, i know, that's also source, but it is a different flavour). When i said i have it running i was exagerating, because it's not really running, it's very slow. It takes several seconds to navigate up and down the categories and it hangs when choosing to exit (didn't hang on first run though). I haven't tested a lot yet, since i just got it working. Hopefully the slowness can be fixed, although it might not be possible. The PS3 only has about 240mb RAM available and there is no hardware graphics acceleration, just the frame buffer.