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Asked by k3kiaze on 2008-11-08

I have 2 issues to address, but before I go there, get the following Warning when I run entertainer (not sure if it's a problem or not):

** (./entertainer-frontend.py:31808): WARNING **: failed to bind GLXGetProcAddress or GLXGetProcAddressARB

Issue 1: My desktop Screen Resolution is 1024x768. Entertainer's resolution is 1280x1080 (I think not sure, but way larger than my desktop)

Issue 2: I cannot get any media to show, says no video/music/series. I've tried different directories with different files and locations, NO GO. The weather and RSS work fine.

I didn't realize I had to ask entertainer questions here, so I had originally posted this on ubuntu forums, it displays more information than I can post here. Please check it out also -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=970557

Thank you for amazing project. I eagerly await any response.

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Matt Layman (mblayman) said : #1

k3kiaze, your first problem is really easy to fix. We haven't made the screen resolution an available preference option because we'll probably eventually try to auto-detect it, but you can do the following to change the defaults:

Since you're running from 0.1, the window height and width can be found in the src/frontend/gui/user_interface.py file. Look for STAGE_HEIGHT and STAGE_WIDTH, they should be very obvious. Please note that in the current version (and 0.2 which will be released shortly), the screen size will be stored in the ~/.config/entertainer/preferences.conf file (we moved it out of the user_interface.py file because that is a code file and not a user preference area).

Your second problem sounds a bit harder. I'd suggest that you run the entertainer content manager before you start the backend process. Start the backend process, then start the frontend. Currently, Entertainer rescans the directories every time you start (this is a problem we are fixing) so give the backend some time to process some files before you begin.

If that doesn't help, can you provide some more details? What distro are you running from (because clearly you've done some customization from what I can see in your screenshots)?

If we still can't help you after that, you may want to file a bug, but check what I suggested first, and we can continue to use this question for a bit before we go down the bug route.

k3kiaze (lyndonlobo) said : #2

First, thank you so much for replying so soon. Regarding issue 1, I changed STAGE_HEIGHT and STAGE_WIDTH in that file, the frontend fits on my screen perfectly, but I am supposed to have borders and the Titlebar visible? Also the text overlaps now in the RSS reader, looks like the font size remains the same (I'm not complaining, I'm happy to have it fit my screen, it may be something to monitor for in the new version)

With issue 2, I already tried exactly as you've said and also many other combinations to try and get it to work. I also created a folder added 1(single) *.avi file to it and tried to just get that to show - doesn't. I've used many video files with different sizes and extensions (.mkv,.mpg,.wmv) in different locations (usb drive, windows partition and my ubuntu partition) doesn't work.

I waited so long before I even found this place [launchpad]. If I have to wait a little longer to get the new release then I'm happy to do that.

FYI: I'm using Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 32 bit. I have compiz installed as well as Screenlets, that's why my screenshots are a bit weird. If you need any more of my system specs, i'm happy to share that with you.

k3kiaze (lyndonlobo) said : #3

OMG!!! I just tried something and it works like a freaking charm (issue 2). This is what I did:

1. Setup content manager
2. Run Backend
3. Run Frontend
4. Quit
5. Use System Monitor and force quit the backend server process.
6. Run Backed
7. Run Frontend.

So Freakin' awesome, after months of frustration, wow. Thank you guys I can't wait for your next release.

Matt Layman (mblayman) said : #4

k3kiaze, I'm glad everything worked out for you. Hopefully those text overlapping problems will go away in the next release. The original author had hardcoded some font sizes in there, but now everything should be relative to the size of your screen.

Also, the window border is normal. I'm not sure this is 0.1, but in the next release you'll be able to set an option to start in fullscreen. You can use the "f" key to change to full screen, but I think that there are a bunch of bugs in that change and things might look weird for you.