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Asked by Kristopher on 2008-10-25

I finally got the Entertainer front end running after a little work on my 64 bit processor.

Now the screen and menu come up, but whenever I hit enter on a menu item, entertainer closes. There are no errors given on th command line.

Weather is the only menu item that will work. The rest just close Entertainer when I attempt to navigate to them.

I'm using entertainer-0.1 from the Entertainer website, as well as pyclutter-0.6.2 (patched to fix the issue with 64-bit processors) and clutter-0.6.4.

I tried upgrading to clutter-0.8, but Entertainer did not work at all.

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Matt Layman (mblayman) said : #1


Can you try running from the trunk and see if you have the same problem? To run from trunk, get a branch from launchpad with the following command (you'll need to have bzr installed): `bzr branch lp:entertainer`. This will create an entertainer directory in whatever directory you were in. Enter the Entertainer directory and just type `./entertainer` to run the application.

Please note that by default in Entertainer you do NOT need to run the backend first. Furthermore, if Entertainer is set to automatically run the backend, which it is if you get the trunk (see entertainer-preferences to see the option), running the frontend won't work with the backend already started (because the new backend instance that the frontend will try to create will be fighting for the port of the already running backend). To make a long story short, don't run the backend and entertainer unless you told the preferences that that is what you want to do.

Also, the trunk has some new configuration options, so you'll have to delete ~/.config/entertainer before you begin. Good luck, and let us know if that fixes your problem.

Kristopher (krstphr) said : #2

Getting the same result, although this time with warnings:

$ ./entertainer

** (./entertainer:13083): WARNING **: failed to bind GLXGetProcAddress or GLXGetProcAddressARB

Entertainer backend starting...
/usr/lib64/python2.5/site-packages/imdb/parser/http/ UserWarning: unable to use "lxml": cannot import name html
  warnings.warn('unable to use "%s": %s' % (mod, str(e)))
/usr/lib64/python2.5/site-packages/imdb/parser/http/ UserWarning: falling back to "beautifulsoup".
  warnings.warn('falling back to "%s".' % mod)

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