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Asked by Andrew on 2008-06-19

(This is a solved problem, it is just here incase any one else runs into the same problem)

With the current backend, it may take a long time to index your files.

Once you have specified where you want indexed with the conent mangement manager, you should start the backend ( and then wait until it has stopped indexing (you can see this by watching for when it's cpu usage returns to zero in Ubuntu's System Monitor). When it has stopped, you may then start the frontend.

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Andrew (and471) said : #1
Matt Layman (mblayman) said : #2

I disagree. You can start the frontend immediately after starting the backend. The list of indexed files will grow as you revisit menus. Waiting until the backend is finished indexing can get very annoying, especially if you have a large library to index.

We will eventually have a backend that does not have to reindex the whole system every time you start Entertainer, but that has not been merged into the trunk yet.

Andrew (and471) said : #3

I appreciate that, however what you have said about revisiting the menus did not work for me, and so this is the most fool-proof way to experience Enertainer with the current backend.

thanks for your comment.

Paul Hummer (rockstar) said : #4

If it's not working for you, an answer is not the right venue. You should file a bug, and we can try to fix it and release it with a minor 0.1.1 release.

Andrew (and471) said : #5

oh sorry, it was working like that, my mistake thanks for your time