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Asked by djlosch on 2008-06-05

how do you change the screen resolution? my media center has to run at 640x480 for my TV, but it seems that entertainer wants to force a much higher resolution. almost everything hangs off the window and the GUI doesn't allow any resizing. setting the start_in_fullscreen flag to True doesn't work (and I symlinked the config folder to the right location)

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Matt Layman
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Best Matt Layman (mblayman) said : #1

The screen resolution is currently a set of hard coded variables. The User Interface isn't resolution independent yet so things might look goofy and huge if you move it down to 640x480, but you can try if you change the variables. You can find the variable in src/frontend/gui/

You should also be able to go into full screen mode by pressing "f", but keep in mind that things may look funny because we haven't fixed it up.

When we fix bug 224688 (Make GUI resolution independent), we hope that your issue will be resolved. We'll either try to auto-detect screen size, or provide the user with the ability to set their resolution, but we have quite a bit of work to do with scaling issues before we get to that point.

Hope this helps!

djlosch (launchpad-djlosch) said : #2

okay. it seems that this is still too pre-release for regular usage. i'm definitely a fan and will keep coming back. elisa just doesn't cut it, and the mythtv UI is too basic.

when fullscreening it actually scales pretty decently. there are some artifacts (a black horizontal bar near top end but not at top, and empty space at bottom where the screen doesn't compensate for the non-widescreen aspect ratio).

djlosch (launchpad-djlosch) said : #3

Thanks Matt Layman, that solved my question.