Created by Matt Layman on on 2008-07-15
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Matt Layman on on 2009-05-08

OUT-DATED: Please note that this FAQ is now out of date. The information you are looking for is maintained on the Entertainer wiki. Please see for information on getting Entertainer running.

Hello everyone, if you're reading this, you probably want to know how to install and run Entertainer. In the two answers below, I'll explain how to install and run Entertainer from the trunk, and how to install Entertainer from the .1 release.

All commands listed are meant to be executed without the backtick (`) characters. These instructions are based on installing in Ubuntu, but, aside from the dependencies, the instructions should work in other Linux distributions.

Installing Entertainer from the development trunk:

1. Get the code:
    `bzr branch lp:entertainer`

2. Enter the source directory:
    `cd entertainer`

3. Install all of Entertainer's dependencies. Look in the docs/DEPENDENCIES file for the list. Note: This list does not provide mp3 playback ability and assumes that you have already installed that (possibly through the gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly package or the ubuntu-restricted-extras package). Please observe your country's patent law. Mp3 decoding software may be protected by patents in your country (e.g., the United States), so it may not be legal to install the two packages that I just mentioned.

4. Set your content directories:

5. Start the backend:

6. Start the GUI:

Installing Entertainer from the .1 release:

1. Get the code:

2. Install the dependencies. The list of dependencies is the same as the list in the docs/DEPENDENCIES file that I mentioned in the answer above. The same note about mp3 playback applies. Since the DEPENDENCIES file was out of date in the 0.1 release, I'll reproduce the correct file content below:

To install all dependencies in Hardy:

sudo apt-get install python-gobject python-gtk2 python-gst0.10 python-clutter \
python-pysqlite2 python-cddb python-glade2 python-cairo python-feedparser \
python-pyinotify python-eyed3 python-pyvorbis python-imaging python-imdbpy \

3. Extract the code from the compressed file:
    `tar -xvzf entertainer-0.1.tar.gz`

4. Enter the source directory:
    `cd entertainer-0.1/src`

5. Set your content directories:

6. Start the backend:

7. Start the GUI: