Is it possible to use skype via empathy

Asked by markus haider on 2009-08-16

I am using Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 4, and was wondering if there exists a plugin, so that I can use skype via the empathy IM-messenger,

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Markus Haider

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markus haider
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Jmadero (jmadero) said : #1

From what I'm seeing there is no support for it, I am not understanding why Empathy replaced pidgin....plugin support is minimal :(

markus haider (markus.haider) said : #2

I found which seems to be a kind of skype plugin, but I didn't manage to get it working.

A. Leon (aleon05) said : #3

I found the following link on Google. Check it out, let me know...

grosser (grosser-michael) said : #4

as far as i can see this is by no means solved, can someone please change the status ?

CaptSpify (captspify) said : #5

I agree with Grosser, why was this marked as solved when it clearly isnt?

Searching for the solution too, has anyone found something new?

Christo Coetzer (coetzewc) said : #7

Found this in Ubuntu Forum from "paulsomm"

"Yes, it works in Empathy (use it myself under 10.10). It's not called Skype tho. Install Skype, then install the pidgin-skype package, start skype, then when you run Empathy the skype plugin shows up as account type "bigbrownchunx-skype-dbus".
Methinks a developer has a sense of humor
Note: Skype must run in addition to empathy."

Havn't gotten it to work just yet?

Dave Hunt (ka1cey) said : #8

I am able to see my Skype contacts and exchange text messages. How do I place and receive calls? I can make Skype calls when I use Pidgin, but not Empathy. I wouldn't call this thing 'solved'.

Jake Kiesel (kieseljake) said : #9

If you right click the contact in empathy after having installed the plugin there will be an audio call option which will open a skype window for the call.