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Asked by xapantu on 2010-05-24

All projects need a road map but Ella doesn't have one yet !

So, I think we must have a road map if we want that the progress advances.

This is my proposal :
0.1 : first release, it is a beta and translations support needs to be quite finished

0.2 : SVG/HTML5/Javascript support :
0.2.0 : add a web renderer engine to render HTML5 anilmations
0.2.1 : a simple square with a stroke line
0.2.2 : the square can be moved, rotated and scaled
0.2.3 : Adding circle support
0.2.4 : Adding text support
0.2.5 : Adding layers support

0.3 : advanced features in the HTML5 export
0.3.0 : gradient
0.3.1 : transparency support
0.3.2 : texture support

And after :

0.4 : full vector support (like in Inkscape)
0.5 : video support (like in Adobe Flash)

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Ophir LOJKINE (pere-jobs) said : #1

In my script, I already have text, sqares, bitmap, and basic sound support. So as soon as my javascript integrates the C code, Ella will support all those features.
The difficult part of my work is in layers and motion tween support, which won't work perfectly before the holydays, according to me. But once the motion tween works well, I will be able to integrate size, color, and rotation tween almost immediatly, with 4-5 lines of Javascript.

xapantu (xapantu) said : #2

I think the integration in the C code will be quite easy when the first example will works.

For layers, you are right, I am going to add a release only for layers and maybe I am going to remove some release.

Kevlar (amiluc-bis) said : #3

I agree, but we must meet to see how to fine tune the Ella's document model, which is fund on GtkListstores with the HTML5 specifications.

xapantu (xapantu) said : #4

Maybe the Ella's document model could be modify each time Ella has a new feature ?

Kevlar (amiluc-bis) said : #5

THe Ella's document model has in mind flexibility ; so, you can add new features whithout regressions, I hope ! For example, last week, when the sound management was added, the old Ella's files lasted compatibles ...

Kevlar (amiluc-bis) said : #6

We are near the 0.2 now, because the SVG support is, mainly, implemented.