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Asked by Mark Findlay

Hi guys,

Great work on your release. I am extremely happy with everything so far. Everything except for the fact that I went to minimize my window and noticed I have the same issue I have on gnome shell!

I have a small 15" monitor and the most effective way for me to work is to just use minimize and maximize buttons. I was wondering if they were going to be included at any stage. I noticed I can actually right click on the window and maximize, minimize but the dock does not yet (fully) support this. I know if I launch terminal for example I can minimize it and then click the terminal on the dock to bring it back up so it looks like support for it is pretty much there, but rather you guys are trying to remove support for it in favour for a more gnome shell experience.

What's the devs thoughts on this?

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David Gomes (davidgomes) said :


I hope that article answers your doubts.

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David Gomes (davidgomes) said :

If you want to discuss this at a personal level with devs feel free to show up on #elementary and discuss it, but this is very probably a definite measure.

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Mark Findlay (mark-eff1) said :

From what I understand with regards to that article it is cleaner to remove minimize functionality and close down an application, have it save state and re-open it if you want to view it again.

I think the statement "Minimize does about the same thing as close from a user's perspective (it closes the window)" is not true. If I close an application I expect it to terminate and be removed from memory completely as I no longer need to work with that application. If I minimize an application I am not done working with it, I am simply shifting priority on what it is that needs my current attention with intent to return to that application quickly.

If I am on writing a report and someone talks to me on skype I do not want to have to close my report, talk on skype and then re-open my report. I simply want to quickly shift attention to skype and then back to my report. I think further reading of the article my understanding is that the close button will infact simply shift the application to the background and keep it running (like minimize). Therefor closing infact means; some other application requires my attention. So if I close my report I am hiding it with intent to bring it back. Which is all well and good except what happens after I've written my report and I'm happy with it. I now want to terminate my word processor and now fully concentrate on skype. I click X and my report runs in the background. Wait, no that's not what I want. I want you to terminate, free up resources as I no longer need you running.

I could have the complete wrong end of the stick but the conclusion at the end of the blog entry mentioned removing minimize or otherwise redefining what close does (paraphrasing).

I'm not sure if this is the right place to discuss this, I haven't seen anywhere is. I figured since its the launchpad of eOS then it isn't a bad place to discuss as other devs and members of public can read and contribute rather than me messaging different devs on different days. This is a more centralised way.

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David Gomes (davidgomes) said :

I don't use Pantheon, and I never minimize my windows. It's unnecessary. I have one window per tag (workspace) and I just change tag with my keyboard when I want to change to another window.

Learn how to use tags (workspaces) and you'll be super efficient.

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David Gomes (davidgomes) said :

Also, there is already minimize and maximize support, but no buttons for this.

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Belenos (belenos) said :

IDEA: How about use one middle-click on title-bar to minimize the window? That should solve the issue and keep the UI how it is.

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Hund (hund) said :

@Belenos: You can minimize windows by clicking the scroll wheel, you can change it via the settings. Works for me.

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Belenos (belenos) said :

@Hund, but it could be default, humm? ;)

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Belenos (belenos) said :

My solution: Install "gnome-tweak-tool" and set the middle-click to minimize windows. http://bit.ly/SJVodu

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