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I noticed in question 208970 that when ssl is turned up it completely converts ehcp and all vhosts to ssl.

Why is this such an all-or-nothing setup?



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ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said :

What this should be, what do you think ?
It should convert only selected domain ?
Please explain, clarify,

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Jason Brooks (jasonbbrooks) said :

I am working on a good reply now. I hope to answer you very shortly.


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Phillip Beckford (budgierless) said :

OK, I have seen too many postf about SSL in our forum and i think the method that is used in EHCP dose work partly the same as other control panels, but their is a major part of the config which is missing/needed, this is why the current config is not good, because any SSL config should only effect each domain config, not all the domains at the same time, because not all users have or need to use it.

I will try to explain this as simple as i can,

the default EHCP apachetemplates for creating a domain and subdomain should make a second folder called "httpsdocs"

two folders in total "httpdocs" and "httpsdocs"

 "httpdocs" we already have this for domains, nothing to do with this, it is working fine.
 "httpsdocs" this is for the SSL domains ( this is missing and we need this) DNS must direct https:// to this folder, (extra you can add a custom path if user needs more ssl for same domain) also this is how the ssl certificate can be use to each domain

it is very bad to have SSL setup to be used with the default httpdocs domain folder, because it effects speed performance etc. the ssl web-files must use its own folder (ANY OTHER WAY IS BAD CODING), you can check what i'm saying if you use any other control panel in the world that supports SSL, this is the method.

remember we have the basic for SSL config in EHCP now (this is a good start), now we just need to start a config for using it the right way.

I hope this information helps.

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ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said :

Thank you for the information.
I will consider this in next ehcp modifications.

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Phillip Beckford (budgierless) said :


At the moment i would say don't worry about SSL certificates in EHCP yet just focus on the https/SSL (httpsdocs) folder.

the current way ehcp is configured for SSL, single domains will not work, but one multiple-domain certificate will work for all domains and emails that you add to the certificate on each server, so for now you can advise other users to buy that after EHCP has the new folder config added, this is what i have used and I got from and they have good prices too.

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Jason Brooks (jasonbbrooks) said :


When I configure my servers, if a customer wishes to use ssl, certificate or no, I create a mod_rewrite entry in the http portion of the configuration, and replicate the http portion of the configuration into an https portion. But then we manage our customers sites for them. I can see this as being modifications to the ehcp templates, but I still have to try it.

I like the idea of an https directory being implicitly ssl. I think I would put an ssl certificate directory into the ftp directory, where it is still above the document root for the site. That, or setup another function to allow upload of a certificate where it will be placed with the correct permissions for the apache user to access.

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Phillip Beckford (budgierless) said :

This is the missing link that users are looking for when choosing a control panel.

with luck we can have this setup very soon, so we can start major testing.

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