using ehcp as a hosting control panel

Asked by kersten holger

A few queries about ehcp. First, how to enable cgi? Using Ubuntu 11 and the latest version of ehcp.
Also, how to change the root folder of a domain? i.e I wish to use a folder two levels deep as root: httpdocs/main/site/
How would I do this?
Another query out of the past I've used a free host called byet. They use a control panel which is quite well featured and it also uses net2ftp, but in their control panel, once you've logged in you don't need to also log into net2ftp or php myadmin. Is it not possible to do this with ehcp?

ps. I know that enabling cgi is means configuring apache, but from where? For example if i log into my server from winscp, i have the following folders:
bin, boot, build, dev, etc, home, lib, lost+found, media, mnt, opt, proc, root, run, sbin, selinux, srv, sys, tmp, usr, var.
The thing is that i thought the idea of a web hosting panel was to enable us that don't understand servers to use them without having to take a degree in them first. I'm not sure what the point of a hosting control panel is if you have to configure it from elsewhere. Surely the purpose of an EASY hosting control panel is to make it EASY?

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Best ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said :

You are absolutely right.
the purpose of "Easy Hosting Control Panel" is to make things easy.
ideally, everything should be easy. However, in real life, it is not
so easy to make everything easy. It take some time & effort to make
things easy.
So, I accept this as a "feature request" and will add this feature in future.

currently, you can do this way: (not winscp, files etc..:) luckily )

choose your domain in ehcp, click "edit apache template" then, add
some config directive, as given in above link. or you may search for
apache cgi-bin config.

In future, I may do like this: choose domain, a link called "Cgi-bin",
enable/disable ... will do this.

"how to change the root folder of a domain? i.e I wish to use a folder
two levels deep as root: httpdocs/main/site/" : changing this may not
be so easy:
1. edit apachetemplate file, change folder names inside it.
2. edit classapp.php, change function syncDomains, related lines,

About "single sign on" to panel, ftp, mysql: I accept this as a
feature request. this sounds good, not possible with unpatched
net2ftp, phpmyadmin, possible if I patch them. if I patch them, some
security issue. will think about this. currently not possible in ehcp.

see you,

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kersten holger (oraclemeters) said :

Thanks ehcpdeveloper, that solved my question.

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kersten holger (oraclemeters) said :

Thanks, i'll try that out now. Also, thanks for taking that as a feature request, it will make a whole lot of difference to ehcp, and put it on a par with cpanel, thanks again.