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Hello everyone, thanks for all your replies to my last post, i will follow up shortly to help you guys get into wikipedia. Unfortunately for me, personally i'm giving up on ehcp, going to install webmin instead, but thought i should offer you some advice. I expect a web hosting control panel to be just that, and ehcp means easy hosting control panel, but there's nothing easy about it.
I mean that i have to configure apache myself for cgi-bin, for .htaccess, for wildcard domains, but i thought the whole point of a web hosting control panel was to be able to do it from there, not from apache itself.
I mean in cpanel, i could add wild card domains and they would work properly, each different domain could be made to be a wildcard domain, but with ehcp it can't. You only get one wild card domain and all the others point to the same domain. And even then none of them point to the domain folder, but to the ehcp folder (new). That's absolutely no good to anyone. What is the point of going to my ip address? And every domain points to the ip address instead of it's own domain. It's pointless and i can't use it like that, i need each domain to be a wild card pointing to itself, not to the ehcp folder.

Then also cgi-bin, in webmin you just click a link to enable cgi. With ehcp you have to go into apache to do it, so what is the point of ehcp?
Also, .htaccess, well why can i not enable that from ehcp? Why do i have to configure apache?
At the end of the day, you're all really nice people here but this programme is only useful to those who don't really need it. Those who are smart enough to configure it all themselves, but my point to you is that ehcp is provided with an installation package which includes apache, mailservers, mysql, phpmyadmin etc, so why haven't you configured it all to work together before packaging it? It really doesn't make sense why you supply it non configured.

If you want others to use it, you really should consider repackaging ehcp to install with apache etc so that it all works out of the box. I am really disappointed especially because you all seem to think it's because i'm using a vps, but that's not true. I used the same vps several years ago, and installed ehcp with the entire package in the same way and it all worked, so whoever put this last package together has neglected to configure ehcp to work with the package.
Thanks everyone any way for all the help you tried to give me, but basically i need to get on with installing my web sites, not learning how to make ehcp work with apache. At the moment i can only have one domain on a wild card, and that is only if i move the domain to the /new folder, because all wildcards point back to new. It's totally pointless i really don't understand why you've built it this way.

If you get all these problems fixed i'm sure more people will use ehcp, but for someone who just needs his web sites working, ehcp is far from easy.
Best wishes, and hope you get it sorted out, Chris

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ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said :

nice to hear your expectatons, shortly to answer/to clarify a few:
* .htaccess is already automatically configured with ehcp.
* cgi-bin is a metter of template, will be done with next ehcp
version, for your and everybody's comfort,
* wildcard domains, is not defined as you mention.. it means,
* goes to same server, same domain. and it is enabled by
default in ehcp. nothing to configure, as you mention... already
configured.. as long as you want to use it, or see it.
* never goes to your ip address, if you just "added it
to your ehcp." if it seems so, then, there is appearantly something
wrong with your server.
* you can control apache's configuration from within ehcp, in ehcp
gui. in fact, no need to do it for all domains separately, we have
config templates..
* lets come to easiness: have you ever installed Cpanel ? or did you
buy it installed ready ? I suggest you to install cpanel from scratch,
not just use it.. you will see how it is easy, or not.. Many people
says that "ehcp is installable even for non-linux admins, or no linux
experienced users.."
* we strongly suggest using ehcp with Ubuntu, and with static IP
address, dynamic IP's frequently causes some problems.
* webmin is a "server management software", not "hosting control
panel". anyway, it is up to you, to choose it as a management
* ehcp is being used by more than 2000 servers all around world, as
much as I can calculate..
* Anyway, thank you for writing so much experience with ehcp. We tried
to help you to fix things. By saying fix, I do not mean that,
something needs fixing each time, when somebody installs ehcp.
normally, ehcp works mostly (except for some "new release" periods)
out of box, without any fix.
* and last, thank for you comparing ehcp with a commercial product of Cpanel...

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Raghu Veer Dendukuri (webmaster-securitywonks) said :

Dear Mr.Chris

We are sorry to see you are still facing problems, we are with you to help get going forward.

as far as your interest towards EHCP, we really appreciate your trust and interest on EHCP. Evn in our earlier discussion, while control panels are made to simplify the job, sometimes, as you said, a bit more automation makes an error free result, which I too agree, but for some situations, when logic becomes complex, possibility of error is to be accepted (human errors are possible, also, sometimes, visualisation of problem and preparation of solution to fix it, sometimes, some issues will not be covered how much we think and work out, it is only after some testing in different perspective, hopefully by another one or more people, and after some brainstorming sessions, true solutions will be born and take form).

Actually, we tried to brainstorm on many advanced and to implement complex things in easier way possible in the process (on specific topics kind of).

If you had noticed, a recent prospect/user of EHCP who felt some good about is trying to help and fix some limitations with nginx based configurations, overall, the result can not only help advanced users like him, but to you, me, and many others again.

one thing which I agree is, not every one need to learn and be capable of everything, (while I personally had installed different control panels in local system from years, to see how they work and later remove them, I even today utilise a professional server admin to manage my servers both manually managed servers as well as cpanel installations, while I take care of day to day operations on cpanel or some other control panel, I specifically give control panel updates etc tasks to server admins, being paranoid (of something going wrong and if it did, my websites or my client websites may see some downtime), and to avoid taking the chance, especially on my servers where I host own websites or client websites as well) kind of... I delegate the task to professionals for some peace of mind and for concentrating on my other works.

Back to the point, Whichever control panel we use, when it fulfills the purpose, it is fine, I am happy to note your feedback, and let us expect some fixes actually in programming (fix, I mean feature improvement, workflow improvement or actually a bug fix as well, as and when and wherever it is required), thank you

Hopefully, you read some of my points in your last threads, especially when Mr.Bahattin guided you about configuring wild card domains for multiple domain names, about simplifying the task by putting as few clicks solution (example configuring domain as wild card domain based, which is also as a feature and based on a template, so , normal users donot need to touch the configuration files (and safely use their required method of implementation, hopefully even without need to know the backend concepts, as they may be experts in their own job or field and they came to use a comfortable tool to fulfill their purpose as complimentary tool kind of), while the option of editing in configuration files from admin panel, has to be there, but only to provide the extra control expected by advanced users kind of...

I wish you all the very best, whichever choice you make, anyhow, visit us back sometime in future and see, for updates, so, you may start using EHCP back, when you feel the advantage of it, thank you

regarding, hardware, not a complaint kind of, but need to be seen the other way (need to check everything and consider/test every possibility to ensure problem is correctly understood and freezed, so, an optimistic solution can be created kind of...

I said about adding some more RAM, because, how optimistic we configure, every running software takes some ram including the control panel software EHCP. It is advisable to add more is just for more comfort and to avoid ram consumption levels reach or come near to total ram allocations

just some thoughts, thank you

All the Best:)

With Best Regards
Raghu Veer

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chris neuman (chrisspectre) said :

ehcp developer
Thanks for your reply but if everything was how you said i wouldn't be having problems.
.htaccess is NOT been already configured, and wildcard domains do NOT work as you say, that's how i want them to work but they don't.
I cannot understand why you think they do.

Although i have explained it many times before, the answers i get here do not address the problem. I will explain again.
Wildcard domains do NOT go to the same domain. Full stop. I WANT wildcards to go to the same domain, but this does NOT happen.
All wildcards go to the var/www/new/ folder. All of them. That means that and both go to var/www/new.
That is totally pointless. I want to go to and i want to go
I don't want users to end up on the ehcp default page.

How can all wildcards go to a common page which is not related to their domain?
The only way then to get one domain which requires wildcards working is to move it the var/www/new folder.
This is totally daft.

To Quote you:
"* never goes to your ip address" But that is what i have been telling you in several of my last posts and no one can seem to understand what i am saying,
IT IS going to my ip, not to the domain. ALL wildcards are going to var/www/new. I don't want this, i want proper wildcard domains.

As for your comment regarding trying to help me.

Just over a month ago i had most of my web sites working on shared hosting but several other scripts required wildcard domains and other features not available through that web host.
Also, i had problems with that web host so i decided to get a vps and install ehcp. Worse mistake i ever made because for almost a month i no longer have any websites because ehcp
simply does not work. I have asked several times about cgi-bin and .htaccess and am tired of explaining to you that wildcard domains do not work as you say they do.
If they did i would be happy.

I installed ehcp by using the installation commands you provide, so i would have thought it would be pre-configured, but it simply isn't. But it WAS in the past.
I never had this problem with ehcp before and i am using the same hosting as before. So don't you think it's about time one of you there realise that you have done something wrong
in your package?

Just do this: On a fresh ubuntu platform install ehcp by copying and pasting the instructions from your web site.
Then add a domain, upload a script which uses .htaccess and you will see it DOES NOT WORK.
Then go to and you will find yourself in the /var/www/new folder instead of the var/www/vhosts/yourdomain folder.

Just do it and see that you are wrong here, ehcp does not install in a working fashion.
IT DID DO IN THE PAST, so you MUST have got something wrong with your current installation package.

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ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said :

please check your email.

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ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said :

another suggestion for all and also an idea to Raghu,
I think best way to show it in action, to setup a VM ehcp installed on
it, and make it downloadable..
Up to now, I thought that, while ehcp is 8-9MB, it is quite waste of
resources, the downloading of a 3-4G of a VM.
however, it may be a final solution, or a workaround for problems..

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Raghu Veer Dendukuri (webmaster-securitywonks) said :

Dear Mr.Bahattin

I mostly prefer server admins, because that way I can share some load with some one who speak with me, share thoughts, and end of the day care the implementations as per requirement etc (be it from inside admin panel or commandline etc :) when I will finally use the things for my purpose :)

even cpane, I give task to admins who install and mange the updates of control panel and software in it.

I am ok to manage dns templates etc upto a level on it (I feel more comfortable with external dns provider slike etc others which all I use from more than 7 years) :)

just a preference and some peace of mind both in my case :) thank you

With Best Regards
Raghu Veer

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Raghu Veer Dendukuri (webmaster-securitywonks) said :

Dear Mr.Bahattin

sometimes, video tutorials also help :) having documentation , more and more as tutorials do good as well :)

as more documenters start on, we can create all these more comfortably, time is critical factor here, which I truly understand :) let's try better and improve upon it, thank you

just some thoughts, thank you

With Best Regards
Raghu Veer

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ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said :

latest info:
I installed ehcp from scratch to chris' server, works normally out of box,
however, wildcard domains is NOT enabled by default, as chris says, (I
think it was, but I saw that, it is enabled at dns level, but not
apache level)
after editing apache template, wildcard works this way:
goes to homepage of
now, I am modifying also ehcp for next version, for a few things together..
now, testing .htaccess and cgi-bin, will give info on those too, soon.

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ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said :

latest info:
tested default (current latest) install of ehcp, on
.htaccess working,
cgi-bin working, tested with perl

this way:

put this in .htaccess, in test dir, in

Options +ExecCGI
AddHandler cgi-script cgi pl

# Program to do the obvious

print "Content-type: text/html\r\n\r\n";
print "Hello, World.";

perl url:

this shows, .htaccess, perl, cgi-bin working, with default install of ehcp.
I did nothing special in ehcp/apache config, just I put .htaccess
file, and a perl file. thats it.

now, the server is yours, I finished install and test works.
even with this ram, it is working normally (with this basic features,
not tested all features.)
wildcard, cgi-bin, .htaccess, all working..
If you will not use the same server, or if you have other server for
testing, I will test new upcoming ehcp, not current one. (probably
will be ver. 0.30)
see you.

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Raghu Veer Dendukuri (webmaster-securitywonks) said :

I am happy to see things are set :)

I am very happy Mr.Bahattin. Thank you for letting us know about wild card domains Mr.Chris, as Mr.Bahattin notes, it is enabled at dns level, while not in apache level. Since, he updated the code for future release, it's nice :)

I hope, your mind and EXPERIENCE which says EHCP is good before, I personally feel, EHCP is becoming much much better and I hope, you will enjoy the updates now Mr.Chris:)

small bugs are possible, respectable disclosures are the way to go for security researchers, for normal customers, letting the developer know by helping with info on problem in as clear way as possible, will do the job :)

Thank you both :)

thanks to all others who were caring to communicate about possible problems/ideas or code whichever it is, is nice and for working with Mr.Bahattin, thank you :)

With Best Regards
Raghu Veer

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ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said :

an addition to an old subject,
about ehcp and being easiness.
please look at

I am replying from email, some file attached. not sure if launchpad
will show them as files,
I am trying to make ehcp more and more easy, as much as the conditons
let me. thanks all for expectations.

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