Did you know wikipedia are not so awkard after all?

Asked by chris neuman on 2011-06-23

Great, now i've got your attention! Just to update you, i have just received a reply from wikipedia regarding the reason why ehcp was deleted, and the main crux of their criteria is that ehcp is acclaimed by external sources.
Now i'm not sure why they haven't picked up on external links because i have posted several myself over the years and i've noticed several in respected places. I'm sure that links such as this one should speak volumes:

Anyway, just wanted to update you on that and to let you all know i haven't forgot you and will be getting back in touch with you shortly.
Cheers for now, Chris

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ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said : #1

thanks a lot for update.

Dear Mr.Chris

thank you

Every EHCP user will feel more happier, as nginx related pending configuration changes (example enabling phpmyadmin when nginx is selected as http server etc) are being done natively soon, so using nginx on EHCP based servers will be more easy than before.

Mr.Bahattin is doing that with the help of a new EHCP user (who is a server admin and php programmer), who is actively posting bugs and suggestions both.

Momentum is starting on,

I have my pending requests related to usage of nginx by default, I hope, to recruit some php programmers soon atleast temporarily (to work with Mr.Bahattin) to fulfill the ever waiting features (integration with third party scalable service platforms which can possibly reduce load on EHCP and allow it do things in more automated way.

wishing positive and working together in different sections and contributing in different perspectives end of the day fulfills the purpose :)

BETTER EHCP by Users and For Users (initiated by Mr.Bahattin and followed up by EHCP users overall ) :)

thank you every one for building your servers and hosting Businesses using EHCP :)

With Best Regards
Raghu Veer

Matthew Tipping (mtipping) said : #3

Hey, last weekend I did some research of the links linking how tos and tutorial which I was gonna put together the EHCP wiki page that I have started if someone is already doing it I can send them the info I got or I'll keep editing the page I got so far and set it all up.


Dear Mr.Matthew

great news :)

did you post the page already?

if yes I am interested to see it :)

one thing we need to mention (I hope, you might have done it), i.e. EHCP is the FIRST Control panel which enabled nginx + PHP-FPM +Fast-CGI based setup to process dynamic requests (php) while supporting apache and mod_php based configuration both with a single click.

either Apache or Nginx as http server in admin panel.

This is done before other prospects like Froxlor (who currently supports Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd) and others have attempted this, if I observe it right.

EHCP is first in this direction and now, I am sure with the help of Mr.Brian Chabot, EHCP will have more comfort related to hosting and managing php scripts (especially Wordpress and others) on nginx more comfortably

As we will fix PHPMyAdmin issues too sooner on nginx, another advancement.

The long awaiting feature i.e. rewrite rule manager will hopefully be started soon, different possibilities were discussed to enable rewrite rule management from EHCP Control panel, instead of touching nginx conf files in shell whenever we need a rewrite rule to be created.

EHCP is already a Multi-Server Control Panel (multiple servers based on NFS Storage if required, or multiple web servers being managed by EHCP when placed in different locations). EHCP can manage multiple mysql servers, dns servers etc, if I observe the current featureset right.

Even though, I remember vps management feature is in the todo list, I expect this EHCP to see this more in enterprise control panel perspective to manage load balanced shared hosting that is scalable.

many more on the track, which all can be realised, as we all join hands and do our contributions to focus the true strength of EHCP to Server Managers and Control Panel and Hosting Companies across the World (which increases EHCP adoption in many more servers across the world virally) while fixing the hurdles in the path meanwhile to justify the EHCP stance as perfect control panel for shared hosting especially when based on single server or single vps or when it is based on load balanced server cluster kind of.

May be, we in future plan a conference on EHCP (atleast web based initially and later, in some physical location in future).

many more in TODO :) as existing feature set is already nice (but to be presented better with some important fixes to remove feature restrictions/limitations, example with nginx whose activity is being done at present). I think, time to highlight EHCP more and More :)

We use it :)

We promote it by sharing our satisfaction :)

Cheers to everyone :)

thank you

With Best Regards
Raghu Veer

Just a note:

we at EHCP have our uniques, just we need to establish that by fixing the limitations that are holding us back and take it to the world at large :)

Cheers :)

Matthew Tipping (mtipping) said : #6

It's currently not online but a work in progress (in a .doc file)

Dear Mr.Matthew

thank you for the update.

Then, please consider my above inputs (incase, if not all of them are covered), I hope, Mr.Bahattin agrees with most of the mentioned points if not all.

thank you.

We will be glad, to see a page on all respectable places like Wikipedia and any other. Whomever of you do, we will be glad to see the effort as a plantation for longterm future of EHCP (which is like creating a presence in different well respected places for more people to know about this nice and upcoming php based control panel software that is useful to manage from single server to load balanced server clusters on the go.

We all will start contributing notes and thoughts (small or big, raw or refined), as we move forward, for which you both can create refined forms and manage the information kind of... :)

Whatever we all do is voluntary but committed effort as much possible, and when we bifurcate tasks, more solid results can be made with reasonable efforts kind of...

just some thoughts, thank you

Matthew Tipping (mtipping) said : #8

here is what ive done so far (last few hours) still have alot to add http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EHCP_Easy_Hosting_Control_Panel

will do some more later

Matthew Tipping (mtipping) said : #9

that link on last comment wont let you see the draft copy of the page sorry

Dear Mr.Matthew

that page shows "Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name."

Do it need approval to be shown back online by editors in Wikipedia?

thank you

With Best Regards
Raghu Veer

Dear Mr.Matthew

I did not see your last comment, thank you for the update

With Best Regards
Raghu Veer

Matthew Tipping (mtipping) said : #12

it wouldnt let me show others the page its under my username so its not offically online try this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Contributions/Mtipping

Dear Mr.Matthew

so you need to write names of the different websites which mentioned about EHCP and tutorials related to it under "External Links" sub-heading know


one more thing:

the first paragraph reads:

EHCP (Easy Hosting Control Panel) EHCP also known as Easy Hosting Control Panel is a open source server management control panel for Debian / Linux systems. EHCP installs onto your Linux system with a simple install script that installs all the software you need to run a hosting server.

Please Note: the word Ubuntu is missing in second line i.e.

"Debian / Ubuntu Linux systems" instead of "Debian / Linux systems"

thank you

Eager to see more information added to it from "Conception" to other information, more about features in detail (about configuration as load balanced server cluster etc...

Note: While we donot still have Layer 4 load balancer like LVS ( http://www.linuxvirtualserver.org/ ) or Layer 7 load balancer like HAProxy ( http://haproxy.1wt.eu/ ) or some other software load balancer integrated, we can I think hopefully consider EHCP based load balanced cluster as Layer 2 or DNS based Load Balanced Cluster (round robin setup ) etc kind of at present.

just some thoughts, thank you

With Best Regards
Raghu Veer

ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said : #14

follows this. nice discussion.

ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said : #17

I have added it before, wikipedia deleted all the time..
somebody else should add it.

ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said : #18

I have added it before, wikipedia deleted all the time..
somebody else should add it.

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