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Hello again, i'm sure you guys are all going to get fed up with me sooner or later, but i'm hoping i might get my problems sorted out before then!

Ok, i've just put in a message for support with my VPS provider, and thought i would copy and paste it here because i'm getting the impression that no one is understanding the problem and thought this might explain it better:

Hello everyone and hope you can help me. I have my slice for about 11 days now and i just cannot get this working. I seem to misunderstand something but am not sure what, but please note that i have used slicehost in the past with the same set up that i'm trying to use now, it worked in the past but will not work now.
Basic details, i have a 384mb slice which is adequate for my needs and i wish to install a hosting control panel named EHCP (easy hosting control panel).
In the past, ehcp worked well on a 256mb slice, so it should also work now, but the problem i am having seems to be with domain name records, but i could be wrong.
Here's what happens:
I select an operating system, in this case ubuntu 10.10
I open putty and paste some installation commands from the ehcp webiste which installs apache, php, mysql, etc, etc.
In slicehost manager, i set the A records for both the domain name and www. I also set the ns records to
Then i go to my domain name in my browser and get the correct home page.
Then i log into my hosting control panel (ehcp) and create the domain in there, i get the default home page for that domain.
Then i create a sub domain. It is created within the hosting control panel but is not accesible via my browser.
Also, if i want to create new domain names that i own, they will only work if i set them both in slicehost manager and the hosting control panel.
But even still i will not be able to create sub domains.

Now regardless of which hosting control panel i use, i should be able to create new domain names only in the control panel without also having to set them in slicemanager.
I have been in touch with EHCP who have logged in and looked around, but they say they can see no problems.

What am i doing wrong?

Say you yourself were going to install a hosting control panel, what records would you set at your domain name provider, what records would you set in slicemanager and what records would you set in the hosting control panel?

Any help here would be most appreciated, my biggest confusion is that i had no problems with either slicehost or ehcp in the past, so cannot understand why it will not work now.

I get the impression that the problem is with the installation package provided by ehcp because it seems that apache is configured wrongly.
If i create a domain name in ehcp, it works. If i restart apache, it continues to work. But if i create a sub-domain in ehcp, that sub will not be available on the web. If i then restart apache, apache will fail to restart and the command line will give me an error message saying that a file relating to sub domains does not exist. If i look, i can find this file but not at the location apache looks for it.

I am really sure the problem is nothing to do with the VPS, and nothing to do with EHCP, but that the problem lies with the installation package provided with EHCP.

I hope this helps you to better understand the problem, thanks.

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ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said :

lets solve things one by one.
First important issue: normally, you should not add A records for and any of your domain, in slicehost.
do only once: redirect your domain FROM WHERE YOU BOUGHT your domain,
that is, domain registrar,to YOUR SERVER, not slicehost. ok ?
currently, your whois record shows for
   Domain servers in listed order:

these should be like:
or something like that.
look at domains section for
more info on this.
If you do not do this redirection, you have to put a records in
slicehost each time, which is not comfortable.

After doing that redirection (only once for a domain just add your
domain/subdomains/a record in ONLY EHCP not any other place.

Apache configuration issue regarding subdomains is fixed in latest
version, which is released 2 or 3 days before. so, it is
fixed, I hope.

Coming to your subdomains, I will check again your server for
subdomains problem, if any.
see you.

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chris neuman (chrisspectre) said :

Hello Developer, sorry about taking so long to answer, had to work overtime.
Ok, the solution you suggested will not work, basically i've tried just about everything long before i ever asked a Q on here!

Basically, if i add, at my registrar, it will refuse to accept the names and will say they are not valid nameservers.
In any case, how then would yiphee know where my ip address (server) is?

So at the moment i have yiphee set to slicehosts nameservers so it can reach my ip.

At this point i wouldn't have thought i would have to add anything in slicehost manager, but unless i create records i get nothing.

So basically my confusion is why do i have set records in three places?
Domain name points to slicehost, in slciemanager i set A records and ns records, and in ehcp i create the domain name. If i don't create the domain name, i get the default ehcp page, if i do create the domain name in ehcp, then i get the default ehcp hosted page. But can't create sub domains.
Also, if i then create in ehcp, i get nothing until i set the nameservers to slicehost.

I really don't get it because i seem to have one place too many for setting records.

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ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said :

before adding your nameservers like at your registrar,
in your registrar menus, there should some menu like "register
nameserver" or similar. Registering a nameserver does not mean
anything "buying" something. just you designate an A record of your
domain, usually, to your registrar as
your "nameserver". After that procedure, registrar knows that they are
valid nameservers, after that, you can use them as your dns in all of
your domains. If you cannot find those, send related information to
<email address hidden>, I will try to fix for you.

"Basically, if i add, at my registrar,
it will refuse to accept the names and will say they are not valid
In any case, how then would yiphee know where my ip address (server) is?"

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Raghu Veer Dendukuri (webmaster-securitywonks) said :

Dear Mr.Chris

technically, we have two methods:

quoting your situation, I will try to explain as much possible, thank you

main domain:

Domain Registrar:

Web Host:

Web Hosting Control Panel: EHCP


method 1:

a) write slicehost nameservers in dns nameservers section and for whichever domain or sub-domain you wish to add in EHCP when creating new web hosting account,

==> you need to create corresponding DNS records (A, CNAME, MX) in slicehost domain manager if you wish to create a hosting account for a domain name (

==> you need to create corresponding DNS records (A) in slicehost domain manager if you wish to create a hosting account for a sub-domain name ( )

note: in this case, you need not worry about having and But, whenever you wish to add a new domain name or sub-domain name, you need to care the dns entries in above mentioned way (need to care in all three locations)

method 2:

a) manage dns entries in godaddy domain manager itself by using godaddy based name servers kind of for the domain name and as dns will be cared at domain manager (A, CNAME, MX records), you can simply create hosting accounts in EHCP and manage dns at

method 3:

a) create and nameservers (you need to register them at domain registrar, here it is, since, you had registered domain name at

Once those nameservers are registered at domain registrar, then, you can use them as nameservers for in domain manager.

once done correctly, the dns management will be handovered to EHCP, so, any domain name or sub-domain name you add when creating hosting account, ingeneral, the web hosting control panel (here, it is EHCP) will take care of creating necessary DNS Records (A, CNAME, MX) based on pre-defined templates in the control panel kind of...

This is the most automated way and a method followed by most of the control panels in shared hosting services. ofcourse, this method will be simplest as we need not touch dns records management regularly other than writing and (in your case) as dns nameservers for domain in the domain registrar when registering the domain name kind of...

Note: The other methods (Method 1 and Method 2 irrespective of domain registrar and middle party which may be managed dns services provider or secondary dns service provider kind of) that I had described above will also be used, but when they think about more redundancy (i.e. when they think to have DNS nameservers pointing different servers in same location or to have DNS Nameservers pointing different servers in different locations kind of...

For normal websites, Method 3 is enough whichever control panel we use be it commercial control panels like Cpanel, Directadmin etc or Free control panels like EHCP etc...

just some thoughts, thank you

Please do as Mr.Bahattin wrote in his previous post, he described to implement Method 3, which I had described above, ok,

All the Best :)

One more thing, even though, not, a problematic thing, but good for you, is to use minimum 512MB RAM for the vps when using a control panel based vps minimum.

I had tested EHCP on a 384MB RAM based VPS initially, but, since, I observe RAM as mostly consumed, I had upgraded the test vps to 512MB RAM to be sure, the test vps have some available RAM mostly

One more thing to note, is, I had used nginx as http server. When we use Apache as http server, then some more RAM is advisable.

just some thoughts, thank you

With Best Regards
Raghu Veer

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ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said :

fully agree with Raghu Veer

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chris neuman (chrisspectre) said :

Raghu Veer,
Thanks very much for taking the time and effort to provide that answer and all the help you have provided, i very much appreciate it. I have browsed through it and i'm sure that this will work, will set it all up tomorrow.
Also, would like to mention that it's a pleasure to find a service, especially a free one, with dedicated and helpful members. I will ceratinly be promoting ehcp in every way possible and will keep you informed regarding this.
Thanks again, and also thanks to every one who replied.

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Raghu Veer Dendukuri (webmaster-securitywonks) said :

Dear Mr.Chris

it's nice that you are now relaxed and smiles back :)

just some thoughts, i.e. trying to upgrade RAM a bit more, to be safe, if you also feel required,

then, kindly post a testimonial in your free time for EHCP, thank you.

Hopefully, Mr.Bahattin has some testimonial submission system in place, if not, please send it to his email kind of... thank you

We really appreciate your interest to promote EHCP to more people, and in this regard, in addition to your expression of satisfaction about EHCP (which itself is encouraging to us), incase and if possible, please try adding an article in Wikipedia, and if that is done, the recognition of years of effort on a wider platform and corresponding exposure will make Mr.Bahattin much more happier, likewise, even we all, and other EHCP users feel happy moments too :) thank you

Note: There is an attempt to add in Wikipedia before an year or so, when it is later removed by editors. Mr.Bahattin is not happy with that in that time, so, even though having an article about the product in Wikipedia is not a must, if we have one, it creates more visibility making it known to many more people (who require and think about having simple and effectively improving open source control panels as alternative to commercial alternatives they were used to over a period of years kind of...)

thank you and All the Best :)

With Best Regards
Raghu Veer

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chris neuman (chrisspectre) said :

Raghu, for sure i will certainly write a testimonial and do everything i can to help get ehcp the recognition it deserves. I have already attempted to contact wikipedia but have not yet received a reply, but did manage to express an opinion to one of their editors in the hope he will take my comments on board.
I have a strong feeling for everyone here at ehcp, especially after some of my earlier comments where i thought that ehcp was fading away. I was soon proved wrong there but i had picked up on something, and i think i now know what it is.

Several years ago i had an idea which prompted me to create a networking system for the more technically minded while at the same time making it attractive to those less knowledgeable. A sort of facebook for experts whilst at the same time being just as useable and fun for regular facebook users. A sort of web 0.0 that behaved like web 2.0 !!! Anyway, i'll leave that curious retro statement at that for now and let you ponder the benefits of reversing the web!!

I set off on a search for programmes, scripts and developers who could help me achieve my aims, only to find myself wrapped up in a world of confusion. There are many clever people out there who have developed scripts or programmes with a lot of skill and knowledge, and at first they are full of enthusiasm and energy, but at some point or another they start to lose interest. In the beginning, their support system and forums are first class and you get answers almost immediately, but over the months and years many of these projects die.
I can refer you to several support forums where i have asked questions, and still more than a year later my questions are unanswered, yet still the last questions asked!

In my search for the right script for my project, i finally came across exactly what i wanted, it was as if it was made for me, and the developers style of writing and his apparent charachter reminds me so much of the developers here.
The project he had put together has been done so very skillfully and the man deserves a lot of recognition for what he achieved, yet for the past two years his project has been officially announced as dead.
He gives a long explanation as to why he has abandoned the project (he still makes this available for download) but it's easy to read between the lines.
In the entire internet world, his open id project goes one step further than all the others and yet recognition for it goes unspoken. It's clear to see his enthusiasm has suffered set backs, and he's felt as if his offerings have been nothing but a waste of time. And it's that same feeling of despondency which i think i picked up on with ehcp, as if the developers were beginning to feel unappreciated.
After my inital comments, i very quickly realised that ehcp is far from dead or dying, but that it needs a confidence boost as a matter of urgency for fear of being at risk of losing momentum.

Any creator does so for the art and enjoyment of creating, but at some point or another this ugly question of money comes into the picture, anyone can create for free but no one can survive for free. But the open source world is all about creation. Artists rightly thrive on feedback from others as if it's a food to their creative process, but those whose only internet purpose is commercial serve as enemies to the real creators and innovators.
I am more than happy, in fact i will be proud to be able to assist in supporting ehcp and getting it and the developer all the recognition it deserves.
Best wishes and be sure that you will be hearing more from me shortly

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Raghu Veer Dendukuri (webmaster-securitywonks) said :

Dear Mr.Chris

thank you for the effective response.

we all love open source. I still remember, the way I used to work paying huge internet bills and following up when helping users remove malware from their computers (either by guiding in email or by connecting to their computers and fixing their computer's malware issues.

you correctly wrote it, we all love feedback and that simple "thank you" is the food for being available and helping users in discussion forums (security websites) etc

coming to code, and developers, it will be similar feel :)

as you said, money, it has it's value, but, if it comes in right way, it can be useful to build things while in improper perspective, it may fade things out.

actually, for many software programs (opensource), there were huge abusers in the name of companies who use these, brand as their program and sell without contributing back financially or code wise etc whichever it is.

while, some people try to contribute back as code, some do by staying as financial support to the project etc.

my personal feel:

Capitalists are important to any society, but, satisfying their interests should not be the only goal of Bureacrats when it goes in self-centered perspective, while on other hand, when the capitalist who thinks in a perspective such that, "his soul thinks in Socialist perspective, while his body thinks in Capitalist perspective" and when this reflects in his actions, and when ethics takes the first position, all that they do, they keep the minimum required for the consumption and future requirements of the organisation and then rest for the people around starting from employees of the organisation to people around and expanding the scope kind of...

just some thoughts,

thank you


back to EHCP, we love seeing more people come together contribute according to their strengths, move forward :)

start supporting more and more open source projects, collaborate more and more and bring much more useful things to people around benefit to every one.

When people start caring things around in their own way, there will be people increasing in number who also care financial support, which will fulfill the requirements of the system overall in every perspective kind of..., thank you

With Best Regards
Raghu Veer