Will ehcp survive?

Asked by chris neuman

My initial experience with ehcp was very good. I found it by accident several years ago and was impressed that i could install it simply by copying and pasting the install commands as given on the home page. It was a little unstable in those days but once tweaked a little it functioned well. I was impressed and even though i uninstalled it due to excessive hosting costs for my budget at that time, i still recommended it whenever and wherever possible.
After having difficulties with other hosting providers, i decided a few weeks ago to come back to EHCP, but my experience this time is disappointing.
I first installed it on a free vps, from a post to host company called crunch-host, but it failed to work. It would give me the log in page but give me an error message if i tried to log in, referring to lack of memory, yet i had the same memory as my previous installation. Anyway, after crunch-host curiously disappeared off the face of the planet i went back to sliccehost, a company who i've always been well impressed with.
Thinking i could just copy and paste the install commands and i'd be up and running, off i went content in the knowledge that ehcp had worked well for me before, but no, it's just not happened.
The only way i can create domains is from slicehosts panel, not ehcp. I cannot create sub-domains and wild card domains does not work. Basically, the installation as per instructions does not work.
More disappointing is the fact that the developer seems to be more and more bitter and relluctant to help.
After posting questions asking for support, i was emailed by the developer who asked for my ssh log in details, offering to sort it out, and after replying to the email i found my password plastered over this forum.
I have had no response from the developer and have noticed there seems to be a a bitterness in his response not only to my questions, but to others too.
Needless to say, there is no point in supporting ehcp any more, and i won't be recommending it to anyone in the future. There are much better open source panels out there, i've come across several that i had never heard of before by doing a quick google search, and am in the process of deciding which one to use.
Thanks ehcp for what started as a very promising development, it's a shame it's gone the way it has, i shan't be using it again and certainly won't recommend it to others. In order to make a name for yourself, you need to offer helpful support, and if you treat your users with contempt, contempt is all you'll get back.

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Raghu Veer Dendukuri (webmaster-securitywonks) said :

Dear Mr.Chris

read your messages, I appreciate your interest in supporting EHCP, I mean by referring EHCP to others.

I felt worried when I see the ssh details in the list, and your recent message too. I can truly understand your frustration, but, thing is, the developer is doing this as a part time actiity with full commitment to help out and improve it. I strongly feel, you chat with him in google talk and give your root details for him to check or in email, than the list, I mean when communicating sensitive information, other things (help requests) are fine here.

EHCP is improving (having nginx support as native http server instead of acting as reverse proxy to apache server, is one of those advancements with the panel, which is implemented almost ahead of many others in the industry in 2010).

while, we tried to assemble more developers (I am not fully succeesful in setting a fulltime team of few developers to ehcp as part of my commitment to speeden the work of EHCP).

While some nice people are trying to care some bug fixing and feature improvements voluntarily, Mr.Bahattin is caring the main job.

while, I agree, it happens with open source projects sometimes (due to lack of committed teams in different sections of the project), let's work on in helping out the project in possible way (whichever it is, referrals, writing documentation, financial and whichever way possible), to get the better from the project to overall audience.

change your ssh password, talk to Mr.Bahattin on chat, he can help you fix the problem, the only appeal is, please donot misunderstand the commitment of Mr.Bahattin, I can say, it is tight time schedules that may delay response kind of...

just some thoughts, thank you

With Best Regards
Raghu Veer

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chris neuman (chrisspectre) said :

Thanks for your message, politeness speaks volumes and yes maybe i'm a bit hasty in turning away from ehcp, but in reality what is the purpose of an innovative script if it doesn't work and if support doesn't want to help?
I had not expected the developer to email me and offer to help, but as you noticed, i fully trusted him and thanked him for offering such assistance. And that was the last i heard from him.
Many people like myself pay monthly for hosting services and every day wasted in trying to get set up is a waste of money, so why did the developer offer assistance, get my log in details, then decline to respond?
I had as promised, sat down that same night and wrote a long and polite letter to wikipedia asking what to do for ehcp to gain acceptance on their site and await their reply.
I have been an avid supporter of open source for several years now and have experienced a lot of opposition to the service i'm trying to develop, which is in full support of everything open source, so i'm very much aware of despondency. But out of all the best open source projects that were around, many have now disapeared, so when you feel that those that are left are losing interest it just ends up frustrating.
No one can be an expert at everything and installing web servers is not my thing, but i need my own set up as i cannot find any other kind of hosting that meets the demands of all the scripts i have, so i only have two ways of getting up and running and that is struggling through loads of different instructions on the net (the perfect debian or whatever server) not one of those work properly, there is always something that goes wrong.
Or i find an easy to install system, and when i stumbled across ehcp and slicehost several years ago, i felt confident that there were two services i could rely on. But as mentioned, your self install simply does not work anymore. I can just see ehcp fading into oblivion just like so many others have done already.
Anyway, apologies for expressing my disapointment and i wish you the best with ehcp.

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ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said :

I just saw this message,
I am sory that, I am quite busy these days, because of non-ehcp works.
As Raghu states, I am developing ehcp and trying to help people, as
much as I can, as much as I have time.
I only hurry on ehcp, whenever a critical security issue arises, such
as 3 weeks ago.
I am trying to keep ehcp opensource and free. I am not working on ehcp
fulltime, yet.
So, sometime, I am late in answering questions, and solving problems.
thats why, we have ehcp launchpad account, a few developers, and
hence, thanks to Raghu, He/she answered.

lets come to your questions or cases:
1. in short, some vps are problematic, regarding "package
installation", ram, etc.
so, I saw some vps, that simple "do not install some packages"
I am not sure why, but it is a case for some vps.

2. ehcp now, has many copies all around world.
the most latest versions are:
or in sourceforget.

sometime, people are downloading old versions, which may be buggy.
not all old versions buggy, but, since we update ehcp sometime, we are
sometime experiencing little bugs, and immediately fixing it, but,
some other sites (or even me) are using old downloads.
so, please use latest version, in a proper vps, or a dedicated server,
most preferable in a clean Ubuntu install.
latest version as of now (11.june 2011) is ehcp ver

3. I am sory about your pass. I do not know if I pasted it, or
somebody else, anyway, we all should keep private information,

let me know if I can do anything now, do you have still problem ?
(please do not expect that I "always" answer quickly. I sometime
answer quick, sometime not. cannot ensure)

see you

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Raghu Veer Dendukuri (webmaster-securitywonks) said :

Dear Mr.Chris

change your root password quickly,

what are the specs of vps you had installed ehcp on?

I had a small vps (which I thought of testing ehcp upon initially, and later also, I am comfortable with it),

I had used a vps with around 512MB RAM, even though resources are meagre, vps is running fine.

nginx is enabled as default http server.

actually, the reason why I tried that way is, based on two scenarios.

a) I read in many websites online that nginx requires very less ram, and http://www.lowendbox.com/ were inspiration too for trials with less resources,

b) since, this is a control panel based vps, and as I read EHCP uses around 40 to 50MB of RAM maximum somewhere online, that is another reason for the above attempts

Note: I did try this EHCP upon xen based vps,it is fine, which virtualisation architecture based vps is chosen with Slicehost?

XEN or openvz or some other?

I heard from Mr.Bahattin long back, that, sometimes, errors occur in situations with different architectures as well, there is a possibility,

if we can track down issue, things will be cool again know,

just some attempt, thank you

With Best Regards
Raghu Veer

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chris neuman (chrisspectre) said :

Thanks for all your replies, i was seriously mistaken in thinking EHCP was losing heart, i can now see it's very much alive!
I've just re-installed ehcp and again it's not working. Let me try to explain as clearly as possible what the problems are.
First of all the message from EHCP developer above: I have used ehcp before, about 3 years ago and i installed it on the same set up that i have now except now i have more ram than before. My last installtion worked well.
Now i have the extra ram but am using the same company as before but i cannot get ehcp to work properly.

Here is my set up: I rent a vps from slicehost.com this gives me a blank 'slice' on which i can install one of several operating systems. The specs for this slice are: 384MB ram 15GB storage and 225GB bandwidth,

I have a slicehost log in where i can choose an operating system and install it automatically and i can destroy and rebuild the slice as many times as i like.

When i installed ehcp 3 years ago, i did so by connecting to my vps via PuTTY and copying and pasting this:

wget www.ehcp.net/ehcp_latest.tgz
tar -zxvf ehcp_latest.tgz
cd ehcp

The installation worked and apart from some minor instabilities in ehcp, it worked well.

Now i have done the same, but now ehcp does not work. It installs and i log into the control panel. I create a domain name and i get the default page for that domain. But wild card domains do not work and i cannot create sub domains. When i create a sub domain, it IS created in ehcp, meaning a folder is created within httpdocs named subdomains and the sub domain folder is created, but i cannot reach that sub domain in my browser. If i re-boot the vps after creating a sub domain, it will not restart but PuTTy will give me an error message relating to sub domains.

Basically i'm really so tired of it. I've spent nearly 4 years trying to put together an internet service and i've been met with nothing but problems. Either my hosting is not adequate or my sites get taken down with no explanation. Just 4 weeks ago i had put everything back together on two separate hosting accounts, one based in the UK and one based in the US. Both with known and respsected hosting companies. Suddenly my US account became inaccessible, with all files on the server chmod 0000. At first the company tried to tell me they were upgrading their OS and that everyone's site was down, then when i demonstrated that by going to any one of THEIR sites and adding /cpanel to the end, i could log into my account, proving my account is on the same server and all their sites are working. Then they told me i can't have my files back and they don't know what happened. Then i told them it was ok i keep my important files on my UK based vps, and the very next morning my vps company disappeared without trace!

So then i thought ok, i'll go back to what i know works, ehcp on slicehost. Well there i was almost ready to launch my sites and suddenly i was left up in the air, and i really did not think that 10 days later i would still be trying to install ehcp, but this is how it is. It simply does not work.

I really am tired of spending night after night and getting nowhere, and i can't understand how anyone can actually get anything going on the internet without having a masters degree in just about every coding language, operating system, programme and script ever made. I simply cannot keep learning new things which i only need to use once.

I don't know why no one else has pointed out that ehcp cannot create sub domains, because it does not matter how many times i install it or what OS i choose, it's always the same problem.

If you can help get this working for me, you'll have saved my last 4 years from going to waste, and if you can't then i'm never touching the internet again.
Best regards

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Uwe Manuel Rasmussen (uwe-rasmussen) said :

Hi Chris,

I also had problems with a VPS. However, if you use the hosting provider OVH.com they can provide you with a dedicated server for 15€ a month having a celeron processor, 2gb ram and 1tb of disk space. OVH is one of the largest hosting providers in Europe, second only to 1and1 I believe.

I installed EHCP without a hitch on a dedicated server.

Kind regards,

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chris neuman (chrisspectre) said :

Thanks for that UWE, I did check them out but the cheapest dedicated server they have is 65 pounds (around 106 dollars per month) and their cheapest vps is £20.00 per month for a package which offers less than what i have.
One point that i must stress however, is that I have used ehcp with the same hosting that i have now and it has worked fine, so i'm absolutely sure the problem is not with the server.
When i install ehcp, i use the commands from the home page as mentioned:
wget www.ehcp.net/ehcp_latest.tgz
tar -zxvf ehcp_latest.tgz
cd ehcp

This doesn't only install ehcp but it also installs apache, mysql, php, phpmyadmin, etc, etc.
So i'm sure the problem is with the way apache has been configured by ehcp.

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Uwe Manuel Rasmussen (uwe-rasmussen) said :

Hi Chris,

Check out this link: http://www.kimsufi.co.uk/ A dedicated server with OVH is only 14 pounds a month. You could also try the competitor Online.net (http://www.online.net/serveur-dedie/offre-dedibox-sc.xhtml) although the site is in French only. Having your own dedicated server is actually cheaper than a VPS and makes more sense in most scenarios.


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chris neuman (chrisspectre) said :

Thanks UWE, that's an amazing price! I will upgrade to that when i can afford it, unfortunately unless you pay for a year upfront they charge around 50.00 extra for set up, so i'm afraid it will have to wait a while, but yes it does make more sense in the long run. Thanks again.

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Uwe Manuel Rasmussen (uwe-rasmussen) said :

Hi Chris,

If you can get by the French language only website of Online.net, then you can get basically the same server at the same price but without the installation fee and no minimum binding period. If you need English support than use the OVH offer, but you may as well go for the 1 year contract to skip the installation fee.

Having a 20€ a month machine running 24/7 is a huge deal that you can use for many different useful tings:
- webserver, dedicated, configured as you wish.
- personal cloud file server
- proxy server if you travel alot and don't trust local internet connections,
- experimenting with various Linux distroes as the OVH control panel allows you to install a multitude of different OSes at the click of a button so you don't have to download, burn CD, go through installation etc. You just click on the OS you wish to install and 30-60 minutes later the machine is ready including the VPN software installed and configured if you chose a desktop OS.

Good luck!

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ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said :

Does anybody knows, an easy way to install a "secure" proxy server on
Ubuntu, for such travel purposes ?

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