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Will ehcp be always free or it is intended to become partially free like webmin?
I'am particularly interested in virtualization systems support.

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Best ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said :

This is really a question that is hard to answer.
nobody knows the future.
many (opensource/free) products that has started as free became non-free or closed source in time.
who would know that in one day, mysql bought by sun, then, sun is bought by oracle?

so, it is hard to predict the future.

My current intension is: keep it free, as much as I can, and if necessary, earn from ads or hosting resources in ehcp servers.
as you noticed, we have ehcp reseller account in each ehcp installation. those means that, we can use some of your server for our hosting needs and, if we need, earn some money. (unless you delete that account)
this is a model just like google. make it simple,clean,free, earn from side effects

currently, ehcp is fully free.
I think to keep ehcp free forever, at least with necessary features.
maybe this may happen: ehcp advanced: a little fee, normal ehcp: free

I am sure that, even non-free versions, I will try to keep all Opensource.

You also know that, currently ehcp is opensource, so, if somebody makes it non-free, some other person may take current sources and make it continue free.. this is power of opensource. like, openoffice goes to oracle, libreoffice comes in.

Btw, is webmin partially free? how ?

I also may give an example:
Ispconfig: some source closed, as I know, and documentations is non-free. just for your info.
and, wikipedia has deleted our pages from it, while keeping many of non-free, non-opensource ones.

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normalentity (normalentity) said :

"keep it free, as much as I can, and if necessary, earn from ads or hosting resources in ehcp servers"
Sounds pretty fair, if it will be done with agreement to the user of ehcp.
Say, 1 of 20 virtualhosts, 5% server load for creators, no porn, no religion, no unsolicited spreads, no violation of laws of the Universe.
Ohterwise it is the same as installing adware/malware on your server.
One serious disadvantage is: ehcp will be used by beginners, unprofessionals, which means unstable hosting, wrong/misconfigured php, mysql, apache, IP changes, data loss, and so on.
Better way: free/casual for home hosting, shared/paid for small hosting companies. (just my opinion).

"this is a model just like google"
I would like to know their way. Few links?

Webmin is free under GPL, non free (1000$ for lifetime license, or 500$ for annual) is the support of clustering and cloud processing, virtualization (which is the only way to glue things together) XEN, Virtuozzo, snapshot initialization, and most tasty features.

Just as I see, 100% ability hosting includes:

Econom class: few servers with diverse php configuration for virtualhosts.
Medium class: few servers with virtual servers.
Hi performance: few dedicated servers.
Ultra performance: dedicated clusters of dedicated servers.

+Centralized control over all these systems.

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ehcpdeveloper (ehcpdeveloper) said :

totally agree with you. ehcp reseller account is with agreement of users (stated at start of install); and it is deletable.
yes, it is totally for legal purposes.

google way: fast, simple, clean interface, little ads.