Public key support in Ubuntu 9.04 Server

Asked by TechnoSwiss on 2009-08-26

Sorry if I've missed something very basic here, but I'm finding no joy trying to answer this myself.

I have a base Ubuntu 9.04 server install, I've installed the ecryptfs-utils. Looking at /usr/lib/ecryptfs/ it looks like the version in the server package supports passphrase, and gpg.

Trying ecryptfs-manager and Generate new public/private keypair results in "Select key type to use for newly created files", but no options to select. Giving mount -t ecryptfs -o key=openssl:/home/myhome/key.pem yields an error.

I have the openssl package and ecryptfsd running, is there something I'm missing to enable public key support in Jaunty server?

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TechnoSwiss (misterb) said : #1

I also have the keyutils package installed.

eilaf (eilafmugbil) said : #2

plz see look at your kernel version .if it is before 2.6.20 the public key is not supported with it.
or you can check this by going to the mount point of you sysfs in /etc/fstab , let it for example /sys then go view /sys/fs/ecryptfs/version if you have public key support you will find publickey......

TechnoSwiss (misterb) said : #3

Sorry should have included the kernel version in the first place. I'm running 2.6.28-14-server.

Is public key support not available for Ubuntu 9.04 Server?


TechnoSwiss (misterb) said : #4

I realized this question is probably actually package specific, and should be asked under the Ubuntu lanchpad for the ecryptfs-utils package.