Adapted response logging as NONE/307

Asked by John Jacob on 2014-07-18

I am facing some difficulty with access.log file (host is squid 3.3.12) entry when the reqFilter adapter is returning a new response (aimed to redirect to a predifned url if matches some condition) , formed inside the start method. The access log is logging the transaction as log type NONE/307 rather than TCP_MISS/307.

Please find below the code I am using to form the response inside the reqFilter .

if(some condition){

libecap::shared_ptr < libecap::Message > adapted =libecap::MyHost().newResponse();
Must(adapted != 0);

libecap::StatusLine &statusLine =dynamic_cast<libecap::StatusLine&>(adapted->firstLine());
statusLine.reasonPhrase(libecap::Area::FromTempString("Temporary Redirect "));


// add a custom header
static const libecap::Name name("Location");

string redirectUrl;
// code to form the redirect url

const libecap::Header::Value value = libecap::Area::FromTempString(redirectUrl);
adapted->header().add(name, value);


Is there any way to make sure that the squid access log file logs the transaction with log type TCP_MISS/307?

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Alex Rousskov (rousskov) said : #1

This is a question about Squid, not eCAP, but Squid actions appear to be correct in your case: In pre-cache REQMOD request satisfaction mode, Squid has not checked its cache so TCP_MISS would be as misleading as TCP_HIT while NONE is pretty accurate.

Until/unless Squid adds support for post-cache REQMOD, there will be no way to log request satisfaction responses with TCP_MISS. You could place your adapter at pre-cache RESPMOD vectoring point (and adapt the response instead), but that would mean going to the origin server first, which, I assume, you do not want.

Hi Alex:

libecap::shared_ptr < libecap::Message > adapted =libecap::MyHost().newResponse();

where can I find the libecap::MyHost() implementation ?

Found that

Alex Rousskov (rousskov) said : #4

For the record, MyHost() implementation is in libecap sources (src/libecap/common/ The function simply returns the libecap::host::Host pointer registered by the host application.

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