Adding buttons and images to pages: Where to start?

Asked by Sandeep Kuttal on 2010-08-26

Hi Alex,

Thanks for all the help. I am looking further to add some buttons and images on the web page. I want to add the following feature in ecap adapter module : when a client will view a specific page proxy silently add the button and image on that webpage. Can this be done in similar way as add insertion are done? and is it possible with ecap? Since technically embedding in a packet means changing the length and CRC fields of packets also.
I know this have to be achieved with RESPMOD of ecap.

Kindly suggest how to start with this.

Thanks a Lot

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Alex Rousskov (rousskov) said : #1

Yes, it is possible to modify HTML responses to add buttons. It is difficult but doable.

eCAP does not work on TCP packet level so you do not need to worry about packet length and CRCs. You do need to worry about adjusting HTTP headers though -- eCAP works on HTTP level.

I am not sure where you should start, but reliably adding a simple button on top of HTML pages may be the first big goal.

Sandeep Kuttal (skuttal) said : #2

Thanks Alex... I am able to add buttons.

gianni (gianni-olivieri) said : #3

Can you post how to add a button or an image at the top of a page?

Sandeep Kuttal (skuttal) said : #4

Thats quite easy. You have to add the code for button inside the body of the desired page.
Just look for the body or any other unique text and add the html code for button there.