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Asked by IgnacioMiller

I run the command on your website, EasyUbuntu gets downloaded and unzipped quickly, and then the GUI comes up. I select all of the packages I want installed, including the Nvidia driver and then I press okay. It downloads packages and then gives me this error:

Unable to apply changes: Fix broken packages first.

What do I do? I really want to make the full transistion from Windows to Ubuntu but this is making it difficult. Any help you can give me would be appreciated!


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richmark (richmarkgabs) said :

unable to install yahoo messenger

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Michael Otteneder (m-otteneder) said :

Please tell us more details. Like what branch of Ubuntu and EasyUbuntu are you using? And maybe you could paste your shell output.

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Michael Otteneder (m-otteneder) said :

Have you enabled Universe and Multiverse?
Please take a look at this:http://www.ubuntulinux.nl/source-o-matic

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IgnacioMiller (dan-17) said :

I failed to add earlier that my technical knowledge of Linux is very low, the command line is quite foreign to me, I depend on written out commands, etc.

I am using 6.06 Dapper Drake Ubuntu, if that is what you mean by branch. I downloaded the latest version of EasyUbuntu off of the website. How can I obtain the shell output to give to you?

I believe I have enabled Universe and Multiverse, but I don't really know what to do with that link nor the .lst I can generate from it.

Thanks for the responses,

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Michael Otteneder (m-otteneder) said :

Newbies and non-technical users are always welcome but it would be a good idea to read a beginner unix tutorial:http://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Teaching/Unix/

To copy the output just mark it with the mouse,and then past it with the middle mouse-button(or the left and right).

The link i gave you generates your /etc/apt/sources.list that is the file which tells ubuntu where to look for packages.

If universe and multiverse are enabled you should have a line looking like this in your sources.list:
deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper universe multiverse

if not add the line,run sudo apt-get update and then retry EasyUbunut

Hope that helps

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Leona (leona-devon) said :

Got the same problem here, Ubuntu Draper Drake 6.06, used the link to create a source.list file. Has the required 'deb' line in, ran apt-get update, but still get the same error, Error dialog box, Could not apply changes, fix broken packages first.

I am running an AMD 64 with the 64bit edition of Ubuntu, console out put.
System sanity check: PASSED!
amd64 detected
['/usr/sbin/synaptic', '--hide-main-window', '--non-interactive', '-o=dir::etc=./conf', '-o=dir::etc::sourcelist=sources.list']
In update ['/usr/sbin/synaptic', '--hide-main-window', '--non-interactive', '-o=dir::etc=./conf', '-o=dir::etc::sourcelist=sources.list', '--update-at-startup']In Install ['/usr/sbin/synaptic', '--hide-main-window', '--non-interactive', '-o=dir::etc=./conf', '-o=dir::etc::sourcelist=sources.list', '--set-selections']

I've installed this on 3 other machines and never had a problem before, why now?



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Leona (leona-devon) said :

Solved by a workaround, don't installed the Movie plugin, they don't work in Ubuntu64, (should be removed from list????).

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IgnacioMiller (dan-17) said :

Yes, that worekd for me, thank you Leona. I too believe the movie codec(s) should be removed from the Ubuntu64 version of EasyUbuntu until such a time as they are functional.

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Hakan Nilsson (nilssongrey) said :

I have got the same problem as described above (6.06 on an AMD Turion 64) - At first I got an error message about a missing public key. Finding an earlier posting on this solved that, but not remainingeError message Can't apply changes. Fix broken packages first." Synaptic doesn't find any broken packages.

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spnoe (spnoe) said :

 I get this message when I try to install Flash etc "Unable to apply changes: Fix broken packages first".
How do I fix Files. I have tried the "Fix broken packages" in my UBUNTU 6.6 but nothing seems to happen. Any suggestions most welcome

Easy Unbuntu is a great idea thanks you guys.