Can't install dvisvgm on ubuntu 12.04

Asked by Geoffrey J Russell on 2014-09-30

On ubuntu 12.04, dvisvgm isn't in texlive-extra-utils and I'm having trouble
getting the configure script to finish so I can't compile the source.

configure: error: libkpathsea not found, ... [ but its in /usr/lib ]

I did a little digging and the little program used to test libkpathsea is really
old C with no prototypes, but the kpathsea.h now has prototypes ... I sort of hacked
around that, but then configure couldn't find the KPATHSEAVERSION ... so again
I hacked around this and got stuck on libpotrace ... which configure said was missing, but
which wasn't missing.

Have I done something silly? or is dvisvgm broken on 12.04?

Geoff Russell

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Since I don't have an Ubuntu 12.04 system available, I can't check or reproduce the issue. dvisvgm builds correctly on Ubuntu 14.04, though. As far as I know, Ubuntu 12.04 comes with TeX Live 2009 which is a pretty old release. Especially, libkpathsea has been improved a lot in the meantime and I had to adapt the sources of dvisvgm accordingly. Maybe that's why you face the problems with libkpathsea.
However, the detection of libpotrace and all other libraries should still work as before. I guess you already installed the development package of potrace so that the header files and the unversioned shared library ( are present. Without these files the configuration script fails.
I'm sorry but I think I can't really help you with the issue due to the lack of a proper testing environment. Maybe the folks on the TeX Live mailing list could provide more helpful information.

Wow. That was fast!

I'll be upgrading to 14.04 sometime soon, so this might help me make the move :)

Thanks for the feedback