Is it possible, to have more than one upload location?

Asked by Lars Volker on 2009-08-28

For me, duplicity seems perfect for backups to unreliable destinations. However those also have the risk of becoming unavailable at some point. Furthermore it could be usefull, to create a backup to two USB-Disks and give one away to a friend for cases of burglary or fire. It looks, as if duplicity does not yet have such a feature requiring me to run the backup twice, or copy the backup-directory to the other drive(s).

It looks easy to implement for full backups (just copy the archives twice). For incremental backups I don't know how to create to diffs at a time.

Would this be a good feature request to you? Do you already have experiences with my usecase?

Regards, Lars

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Lars Volker (lv) said : #1

I found this exact thing in the blueprints. Sorry.

No problem. I do all my backups to a local USB drive then rsync them offsite. Periodically I swap drives in my safety deposit box, so I have two backup locations at all times, kind of a belt and suspenders approach to backup.

Larry Gilbert (l2g) said : #3

I do kind of the same thing, but in a different order. To back up a Git repository, I use rsync to stage it on another part of my hard drive, then use duplicity to back up from the staging area to Amazon S3 and to my web hosting service.

Jiri Tyr (jtyr) said : #4

The bug #423988 seams to be a solution.