is this still bein developed?

Asked by Jonathan Jesse on 2009-04-30

is this still being developed? I would love to see a kde version of the front end fro dropbox, would enjoy not having half of gnome/ubuntu installed to run this

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Hi Jonathan,

I too am a concerned citizen of the KDE desktop and unfortunately from what I can see this project is officially dead, for the moment at least.

I will be taking on a bit of design work for this project and maybe developing a blueprint or two in two weeks or so and it would be useful if at least one person might keep an eye on the project and make some helpful criticisms along the way.

So watch this space and please pop by every so often.


Dread Knight (dread.knight) said : #2

I'm looking forward to this project as well.

zilti (zilti) said : #3

Well, yeah, I would be happy if someone would take over the project.
Just tell me how I can add members to the project and stuff like this, I don't know it...

Hi zilti,

If you are looking for someone to take over this project, for the time being at least, I will gladly take that responsibility. I will not be able to work on it for a while but i hope to be able to start within the month. In the mean time I will administer the project on Launchpad.

Quoting from the Launchpad help system: "By default, whoever registered the project is its owner. However, you can change this to any other person or team in Launchpad by following the Change details link and then selecting the People tab." This info is taken from

Please let me know if you will pass on the ownership of this project.


zilti (zilti) said : #5

So now you're the owner of the project.
And now I know why I was never able to change it, I've got two profiles named zilti... :)
Good luck with Dropbox-KDE!

opu.e (opu.e) said : #6

@Andrew Manson

Hi Andrew! Now, as you are the maintainer, how will it go on with the project? Are there any developers supporting you? Do you need help?

Though, I'm not able to help with "code-things", but could make some publicity for the project.


Hi! well thank you for the offer of work but as of yet we don't need any "publicity" for the project. Unless you know anyone that can code in KDE and try and get them on board.

I currently am swamped with work but possibly come next weekend I might be able to devote some effort to planning this project and will need some good solid contributors to help out. If there is anyone interested please drop me a line.


ps. its never too late to learn how to code ;)

Dread Knight (dread.knight) said : #8

When you're ready to fit into the leadership shoes, I'll 'advertise' this project as well, so that more developers become aware of it and hopefully help out. Just let me know when you're ready.

zilti (zilti) said : #9

I'll help coding and fixing bugs as well as soon as there is something made already. I don't really like planning programs, but if there's something I can do I'll do it.
Just that you know that I'm still there. :)
Good luck for this project!

Luis Nogueira (lnogueir-med) said : #10


Kde really needs a dropbox client! Dropbox is amazing!

I can help testing!

Luis Nogueira (lnogueir-med) said : #11


Kde really needs a dropbox client! Dropbox is amazing!

I can help testing!

Recently Dropbox has added an official commandline tool and there are several scripts on their Wiki, so implementing support for some of the Nautilus features in KDE (Dolphin / Konqueror) should be as simple as creating a well crafted .desktop file in the right place in the ServiceMenus. This only leaves the tray icon defaulting to opening Nautilus instead of the appropriate file manager under KDE, and the lack of overlay graphics on the icons as issues to be solved.

I also look forward to better KDE integration of this fine service / tool.

opu.e (opu.e) said : #13

Just looking around if there is something new :-\
I saw new blueprints, but thats all :-(

textamoebe (textamoebe) said : #14

Can we except any further developement? If not, just close this project down, please!

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