Support for MULTI_STATEMENTS capability in libdrizzle client

Asked by Marc Isambart on 2011-03-03


I was wondering if there was any technical reason why it is not possible to add an option to enable the DRIZZLE_CAPABILITIES_MULTI_STATEMENTS capability from the libdrizzle client API ?

As far as I can work out, setting the DRIZZLE_CAPABILITIES_MULTI_STATEMENTS capability flag in drizzle_state_handshake_client_write at the same time as the other capabilities should be enough to enable this feature.

This could be controlled by adding a corresponding option in drizzle_con_options_t (in the same way the DRIZZLE_CON_INTERACTIVE and DRIZZLE_CON_ADMIN options can be used to control the DRIZZLE_CAPABILITIES_INTERACTIVE and DRIZZLE_CAPABILITIES_ADMIN capabilities)

I have done some basic testing by connecting to a MySQL server and trying to run 2 SELECT statements in a single query with this capability enabled and it seems to work fine (I get the two expected results back).



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Andrew Hutchings (linuxjedi) said : #1

Hi Marc,

As far as I am aware multi-statements in libdrizzle is active regardless of the setting of that capability flag.

Marc Isambart (marc-isambart) said : #2

Hi Andrew,

The library itself supports multiple statements, but as the capability flag is not currently set, the MySQL server throws an invalid query error when trying to run multiple statements in a single query.

For example, when running a very simple query containing multiple statements such as "SELECT 1; SELECT 2;" using the drizzle_query_str function, the MySQL servers complains that this is an invalid query.

After setting the MULTI_STATEMENT capability flag (by modifying the drizzle_state_handshake_client_write), everything works fine and I get the two expected results back.


Andrew Hutchings (linuxjedi) said : #3

Ah, I see what you mean. I have filed bug #729642 for this.

Andrew Hutchings (linuxjedi) said : #4

Hi Marc,

DRIZZLE_CON_MULTI_STATEMENTS has been added to trunk to do this and will be in the GA release next week.

Marc Isambart (marc-isambart) said : #5