how to configure to plot in windows

Asked by ccanepa on 2010-09-07

I have python 2.6.5 installed in my system ( windows xp sp3 32 bits )

I installed dreampie from the exe installer, dreampie-1.1-setup.exe

later, I installed matplotlib from the binary installer matplotlib-1.0.0.win32-py2.6.exe ;

it offered to install to my 2.6 python, in c:\python26, I tell yes, installation proceed normally and from the stock python 2.6 interpreter a quick test worked ok.

starting dreampie and doing
from pylab import *

produced the warning 'Warning: matplotlib in non-interactive mode detected...'
a simple test x = randn(10000); hist(x, 100) and later issuing a show() in fact showed the Tk window with the histogram.

How to enable the interactive mode ?

interactive : True
in matplotlibrc , starting dreampie and importing pylab as before made the console unresponsive, by example typing 'a=1' produces nothing.

closed dreampie, tried changing the backend in matplotlibrc: the original was
backend : TkAgg
I tried the backends GTK GTKAgg GTKCairo
All of those gave a matplotlib traceback complaining that no gtk is present.

I suppose that matplotlib can't reach to the gtk stuff in the dreampie installation directory.

Any suggestion to enable the interactive mode ?

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Noam Yorav-Raphael (noamraph) said : #1

Thanks for trying DreamPie!

You're right about the PyGTK DreamPie uses - for simplicity, it's
private to DreamPie and doesn't go through to the underlying
interpreter. But Tkinter mode should work fine, so it seems like a

Does DreamPie simply stop responding after you do "from pylab import
*" in interactive mode?
Does it still work fine if you set Interactive: False? (If it does, in
the meanwhile you can run "ion()" to temporarily start interactive
Can you check if the interactive mode works in the regular Python shell?


ccanepa (ccanepacc) said : #2

Thanks for your fast reply, Noam.

I think you can file the question under 'operation failure'.
What I was missing is that dreampie enters in a 'multiline mode' if it sees trailing blanks, thus needing a ctrl + enter to execute. That gives me the impression that something hanged.
( I was coping and pasted from a matplotlib example, and a space got caught in the process. Maybe the windows arrangement on screen made the status bar in Dreampie be hidden under the windows taskbar at first )

Just FYI, the interactive mode seems to work ok setting

interactive : True
in the matplotlibrc

and letting the backend line untouched, that is
backend : TkAgg

About multiline feedback:
At least for beginners with Dreampie it can take some time to know about this multiline mode, because the feedback in the status bar ( Tip: to execute your code you may need to press enter) shows only after entering *two* blank lines.
'a=1 <enter>' -> no tip, notice the space before <enter>
'b=1<enter>' -> no tip
'<enter> -> no tip
'<enter> -> tip, but will disappear in k seconds, also disappears if a key is pressed
'c=1<enter>' -> no tip

A more instant and persistent warning would be useful, maybe one of the following:

a) in the interpreter output window print at the moment Dreampie goes multiline
    '[ waiting for end multiline entry: ctrl + return ]'

b) show in some place of status bar the tip, starting at the first enter that goes multiline. And don't erase it while multiline mode is active.

Noam Yorav-Raphael (noamraph) said : #3

I'm glad it worked. Thanks for your suggestions!

For now I'll leave the current behavior - it seems to me that you were
especially unlucky (a combination of using copy-paste for the first
commands, having the status bar hidden and beeps turned off.) If this
happens to more people I will consider this again - I just don't want
to distract too much when people are already aware if this behavior.