Compiling with IBM xlC compiler - restrict

Asked by Chris Richardson on 2013-02-06

I am compiling dolfin on a machine with the IBM xl compilers.

 "restrict" appears to be a reserved word on this compiler, so I have had to go though and replace all occurences of "restrict" with e.g. "restrict0".

Is there any chance this might be changed?

Also, I have quite a few errors with armadillo - I guess this is no surprise...

In armadillo-3.6.1, the following changes:

eop_core_bones.hpp - remove "inline" from lines 26-31
SpValproxy_meat.hpp - change "typename T1" to "typename T1:elem_type" at line 321
Mat_bones.hpp - add "#define ARMA_GCC47_BUG 1" before line 562

seems to make it compile.... if anyone else has some better tips, let me know...

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The restrict keyword is not standard C++. Based on a quick trip to google, try adding the compiler flag -qnokeyword=restrict to disable it.

You should direct problems with compiling armadillo to the armadillo developers.

Chris Richardson (chris-bpi) said : #2

I'll give it a go... probably should have thought of it myself...
and of course, armadillo is not part of fenics - I just wanted to share a problem, in case anyone
has similar issues...


Chris Richardson (chris-bpi) said : #3

Thanks Martin Sandve Alnæs, that solved my question.