Optimal heat problem yields zero control and crashes

Asked by Peter Maday


Using the following reference (https://gist.github.com/funsim/5769594) implementation of the 2D heat optimal control problem the obtained solution is shown to be a uniform zero control followed by the apparent crash of the program ("glibc detected *** python: corrupted double-linked list").

I am using Fenics 1.2 on Ubuntu 12.04 with the latest dolfin-adjoint (1.2.0-0~839~ubuntu12.04.1) version from the launchpad PPA.

My question is if dolfin-adjoint is developed with an earlier version of Fenics in mind, or what other reason might there be for this behavior? (several similar crashes occur during other examples as well)


#2D heat optimal control problem

from dolfin import *
from dolfin_adjoint import *

mesh = RectangleMesh(-1, -1, 1, 1, 20, 20)
V = FunctionSpace(mesh, "CG", 1)
u = Function(V, name="State")
m = Function(V, name="Control")
v = TestFunction(V)

F = (inner(grad(u), grad(v)) - m*v)*dx
bc = DirichletBC(V, 0.0, "on_boundary")
solve(F == 0, u, bc)

u_desired = Expression("exp(-1/(1-x[0]*x[0])-1/(1-x[1]*x[1]))")

J = Functional((0.5*inner(u-u_desired, u-u_desired))*dx)

reduced_functional = ReducedFunctional(J, SteadyParameter(m))
m_opt = minimize(reduced_functional, method = "L-BFGS-B", bounds =(0.0,0.5),
options = {"gtol": 1e-12,"ftol": 1e-12,"disp": True})

proj_error = project(u-u_desired,V)

save_file = File("optim_heat.pvd")

# desire solution
proj_udes = project(u_desired,V)
plot(u_desired, mesh, interactive=True, title="Desired")
# Actual solution
solve(F == 0, u, bc)
plot(u, interactive=True, title="Actual")
# L1 error
proj_error = project(u-u_desired,V)
plot(proj_error, interactive=True, title="L1-Error")
# Optimal forcing
plot(m_opt, interactive=True, title="Control")

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Simon Funke (simon-funke) said :

Hi Peter,

I tried the code on my laptop and it runs without crashing (Ubuntu 13.04 + dolfin 1.2 + up to date dolfin-adjoint).
Can you please send me the full stachtrace of the crash?

You might want to make sure you have a recent installation of scipy installed. You should be able to install it with "pip install scipy"

Best wishes,


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Best Simon Funke (simon-funke) said :

Regarding the "zero control" issue, I fixed that just now in the dolfin_adjoint trunk. The Ubuntu packages should be automatically build over night. I also updated your gist code accordingly.

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Peter Maday (madapeti) said :

Thanks Simon Funke, that solved my question.