How do you Add a Separator line?

Asked by Sammy Brence

How do you add separator Lines? In Gnome-Do Docky you could do this I thought. And I keep seeing screen shots with separator lines in it.

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Andrea Calabrò (mastropino) said :

this would be nice!

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Sammy Brence (sammyboy405) said :

So I Asked this a Few Months ago? It shows Answered.. but I do not see any answers to this question on here.

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Robert Dyer (psybers) said :

You dont. There is no way to add these yourself and no plans for such a feature.

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Robert Dyer (psybers) said :

Separators exist between certain docklets (bookmarks adds them) and between any launcher/docklet.

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Sammy Brence (sammyboy405) said :

So Im Trying to Understand the Point of Docky then? The Feature used to be there. If you cant separate out your apps on your dock bar, then there is no organization. And I know that Feature used to be there. I can probably dig up a backport But this feature was there..

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Robert Dyer (psybers) said :

No, you are wrong. You have never been able to add separators. We also had the option to only separate launchers (on the left) from docklets (on the right). That is still there. We have never (and will never) had the ability to put separators between launchers.

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Gonzo Mendozza (hplgonzo) said :

I am sorry to hear that there will never be the possibility to add your own separators between your launchers. this could really improve the usability and increase the level of organization of the launchers. your aspect of just separating docklets from launchers is a good idea too. so why couldn't there be a way in the middle, like small separators that could be added by users between the launchers and a big one for docklet - launcher separation. Just an idea, maybe you like that too ...

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daqron (daqron) said :

I agree with the poster. Additionally, I also don't understand the statement that you will never add a particular feature. Is there some philosophical justification against using separators, or some reason that it would violate the underlying principles of Docky? Feature requests are understandably lower priority than bug fixes, but saying something will never be added seems a bit extreme.

Overall, Docky is a good application. However, I think users coming from the MacOS or from Windows (RocketDock) environment expect docks to do certain things, and Docky can be rather limiting.

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Robert Dyer (psybers) said :

Docky is all about simplicity. Being able to add separators gives you no new functionality. You can already arrange/group launchers however you want. That little bit of separation between them really doesn't give you anything worthwhile and we try to keep the feature set somewhat small and not present the user with too many options (we pick what we feel are the 'sane' options).

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JavaMonkey (vesayth) said :

As far as separators "not giving you anything worthwhile," it's easier for some (if not many) people to function well when similar items are grouped into their own group rather than one lump group, even if they can choose the order. Separators have always helped me a great deal in any application that has them, as I have difficulty keeping focused and my eyes tend to wander and I feel intimidated by a large group of objects.

That being said, I agree that separators are a low priority. It's a small feature and I'm sure there is a lot of other better things that devs could spend their time on. Though, it seems to me that the functionality is really already mostly there. Saying that it's not a worthwhile feature is a pretty bold statement imho and is more about the eye of the beholder.

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zeeeeee (miesogeno) said :

words like "never" and "always" used an argument by a dealer position, more often than not resume a personality more than a reasonable thinking.

because Docky is so "feature clean", we do not have an option to set the distance between the icons, and they end up all over each other, depending on icon format. that would be almost ok if all launchers were apps.

now with Stacks being developed and waited with such entusiasm, do you still think launchers and places belong all mixed up? even though some applets get that separator?

i think you're not risking customization but funcionality over a not so clear concept.

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Victor Mendonça (victorbrca) said :

I always thought Linux was about freedom of choice... so why not give that freedom so the user can choose either to have or not the separator? When did we start behaving/thinking like Apple!?

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Robert Dyer (psybers) said :

The freedom of choice still exists. You are free to choose another dock. You are free to download the source code and add any feature you wish. These options don't exist with Apple.

We are also free to make design decisions for the project as we see fit and to reject suggestions we don't agree with.

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Danielle Foré (danrabbit) said :

Exactly what Robert said. You're freedom comes in the ability to use whatever software you'd like. It doesn't come in trying to push your agenda into other people's software. You are free to choose which software to use and we are free to choose how our software behaves.

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Victor Mendonça (victorbrca) said :

Far from trying to push my agenda into your software... like the other people here I was just expressing what we would like to see changed, but doesn't look like the developers are interested in comments and feedbacks. Good enough reason for me to try another dock (as Robert advised).

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tr33m4n (tr33m4n) said :

I think the devs are being a little blind... This is a highly sought after feature for Docky. I would love to see this also... especially in panel mode. I like to have quite a few launchers and for the pleasing asthetics, use the Faenza icon theme, which I love. However when you have many icons that kinda all resemble a box, having Docky with seperator capability would be fantastic. I don't want to have to use a different dock, all that is needed is this one extra feature and that's that.