Is there a gnome session managment plugin for Docky (like the one for Do)

Asked by Clive

I currently use Gnome Do in Docky mode and like having access to the shut-down, restart and suspend options provided by the Gnome Session Management plug-in - is there a similar plug available for Docky or is this functionality available some other way?

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Tyler James (tylerbrainerd) said :

You could always just keep Do installed in the classic interface and use it the same way, but with Docky running independently.

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Clive (cje) said :

Thanks for the reply Tyler,

But I'm not sure if it will work the way I want it to - I'm looking for a way to have icons in the Dock for Shut-down, Restart and Suspend, not just to be able to access theses command through Gnome Do's classic interface. If there is someway to do this by running Do in classic mode alongside Docky as the Dock I'd love to know how.


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Robert Dyer (psybers) said :

If you dont mind individual icons, just create a .desktop file for each command and drag it to your dock.

For example, here was one I made for someone for 'shutdown':

I'm sure you can imagine how to copy/update that for restart and suspend.

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Clive (cje) said :

Hi Robert - Thanks for the reply, I appreciate the help and this is almost what I'm after however; two things:

1. When I click on the icon it opens the Gnome Shutdown dialog window - in Gnome Do (Docky theme) clicking the icon shuts down the machine in a single click - this is what I'm trying to achieve.

2. If I delete the desktop icon the Docky icon doesn't work any more. I don't really want to have an icon on the desktop if possible.

I'm so close......


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Tyler James (tylerbrainerd) said :

hmm... for the first, i think you can turn off that timer using gconf-editor and navigating to: apps > panel > applets > fast_user_switch_screen0 > prefs > Checked "suppress_logout_restart_shutdown"
(as per this forum:

Not sure about the second.

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Clive (cje) said :

Hi Tyler

Thanks again for your help.

I do not have the path you describe in gconf-editor - (I'm running Linux Mint 8) maybe that's why.

I have solved (work around) for point 2 by creating my own sub menu item called Docky Launchers and creating the launcher code inside the menu. That way they do not appear on the desktop but are still available to drag to Docky.

I found a forum post that has enabled me to set up a suspend icon -

This is working well so I think I'll stick with the shutdown dialog for now!

Thanks again to you and Robert.