Why not only show windows from the current virtual desktop?

Asked by vvCephei on 2009-11-25

Hey guys, I'm loving Docky, so thanks for all your work.

My question is whether you have plans for changing the "active" contents of the dock based on the windows present in the current virtual desktop. I.e., if I have Eclipse open in desktop 1 and Firefox open in desktop 2, Since both of these icons are permanently in my dock, I would expect to see the eclipse LED disappear and the firefox icon appear when I switch from desktop 1 to 2.

Likewise, say I don't have the terminal icon in my dock permanently, but I have a terminal open in desktop 1. I would expect that icon to disappear from the dock when I switch to desktop 2.

The reason for this is this setup would enable me to have a firefox window open in desk1, then switch to desk2 and open another window by clicking on the dock icon. As it is, doing so will only minimize the firefox window from desk1. To me, it is not that useful to minimize windows from desktops that are not currently visible to me.

Currently, the only vectors I have for my expected behavior are 1) to create a new window (ctrl-n in Firefox) and then drag it to desk2, or right-click on the dock icon and select new window.

I am not saying this should be the only or even the default behavior, just that I think it should be an option. I think a lot of people will have that expectation because the application panels in Gnome and KDE deliver that behavior.

Anyhow, I guess this is more of a feature request than a question. Thanks again for a great addition to Gnome.

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Best Robert Dyer (psybers) said : #1

You can show only the windows from your current desktop by modifying a gconf setting. This setting is not in the preferences (and most likely never will be) and defaults to off.

Enable this key: /apps/docky-2/Docky/Items/WnckDockItem/CurrentDesktopOnly

Once you enable that and restart Docky it should work.

vvCephei (vvceph) said : #2

It does work. Thanks!

Wim Deblauwe (wim-deblauwe) said : #3

Thanks for this. Just what I was looking for. What is the reasoning for not adding this to the preferences window of Docky itself? For my personal, I was expecting this behaviour by default even.