how to add a launcher

Asked by BadChoice on 2009-10-25

To add a custom launcher:
Create it in the desktop (Right click -> create launcher)

Add the information and icon

Then drag it to docky!


Hi! I'm trying to add a launcher for spotify in docky.

I've created a launcher for this:

#!/usr/bin/env xdg-open

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=wine .wine/drive_c/Program\\ Files/Spotify/spotify.exe

And if i run it double cliking it works but if I drag it to docky and then I launch it from there.. nothing happens

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Chris S. (cszikszoy) said : #1

Can you try running docky from the terminal with: docky --debug

Please post the output after adding the launcher and attempting to run it. Also, does this still happen with the latest rev of docky (r. 316) ? Docky is changing daily and there's been some work done on launchers and launching applications.

If you have further problems it's best to drop by our IRC chanel (#docky on There are a couple of us that are usually there and will be able to help.

BadChoice (guitarboy000) said : #2


In the last rev I tried the launchers are working now. They work good now! so we can convert this question to a how to add a custom launcher.


iheartubuntu (iheartubuntu) said : #3

Just installed Docky. For me, whatever I drag from the desktop to Docky, will work when I click it in Docky, but if I delete it from the desktop, the launcher on Docky no longer works. It seems redundant to have it both on Docky and on the desktop too. Any tips to fix this?

rbh (rbh-hyanniscommonground) said : #4

I have the same issue as mrandrzejak but I didn't follow the instructions from above I just created a launcher and dragged it onto the dock and it works but when you delet the launcher from the desktop it doesn't. Maybe I need to add the info for the icon as it says above. I have no idea how to do this if this is the case please explain.
Thnaks RBH
P.S. So far these is the best dock of them all!

iheartubuntu (iheartubuntu) said : #5

I found a simple work around.

-Go to your Applications list, find the program you want and right click it and the launcher to the desktop. Then on the desktop, cut the launcher and paste it someplace else... I'm putting mine in my home directory and in a folder titled Docky Apps. Paste your launcher in there. Then change the properties and the icon image. Once you do that, drag it to the Docky and you will have your application with the new icon that you want on it.

Hopefully Docky will provide in the future a simple right click with an app already on the Docky where you can change the icon there.

Michael Eve (michael-j-eve) said : #6

OK. This is an old thread, but it's the first one that google found for me that answered this question for me.
(This answer should probably be moved to faq somewhere. )

davidandrews method worked for me with Mint11 and latest Docky:

1) create launcher on desktop
2)cut/paste launcher into another directory in your home folder.
3) drag the launcher from that folder to docky.

DO NOT do the steps in the order 1,3,2. Doesn't work (for me, anyway).
Launcher must be in its permanent location before dragging to docky.
Why? Don't know. Don't question the magic!

Robert Dyer (psybers) said : #7

When you drag it to Docky, Docky notes its (custom) path. If you then move that file somewhere else, Docky has no clue how to find it. We dont cache the contents of the desktop files, we re-read them every time. So we must know the path to the file!

Kelly Posey (oelly) said : #8

When I drag the launcher I've created onto the docky, the icon reverts back to the default icon instead of the custom one I had given it. Does anyone know why this would happen, and is there a solution?

The launchers launch web pages rather than applications, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I am using Linux Mint 15.