Can't add Skype (altered script) to Docky

Asked by Tiago Soares on 2012-05-16


I've got Linux Mint 12 (GNOME) with docky. Everything goes smoothly, except for the fact that I can't get Skype pinned to dock.

I used to be able to, but I had to make a different script for iSight to work flawlessly on Skype (I'm in a Macbook Pro 2,2) - and the new script for skype (in /usr/bin) is something like :

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ skype

I moved (mv) the former Skype script to skype_real (so its still there in /usr/bin).

After that, Docky was never able to pin to dock Skype. Does it have to do with the different script? Can anyone help me?

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Robert Dyer (psybers) said : #1

Is the new script in /usr/bin named 'skype'?

Tiago Soares (tiagosoares-j) said : #2

Yes, that is correct. I've chmod 755 it too.

Tiago Soares (tiagosoares-j) said : #3


Just to provide full details.

So, the script is indeed named "skype", it has 755 permissions, and goes as follows:


exec /usr/bin/skype.real

if I try with skype.real instead of skype, it pins to dock. With this one, it doesn't. Maybe the script is somewhere wrong?

Robert Dyer (psybers) said : #4

Whatever the actual executable is named (find it by running Skype and doing 'ps aux|grep skype') is what the script should also be named. Then Docky can match them together.

Tiago Soares (tiagosoares-j) said : #5


tiago 2367 18.7 3.3 280748 69432 ? Sl 16:30 0:03 /usr/bin/skype.real
tiago 2467 0.0 0.0 4452 772 pts/0 S+ 16:30 0:00 grep --colour=auto skype

Doesn't this mean that the script should have the same name as the executable? Is that even possible?

If it isn't, isn't there a way to pin to docky only the script?

Tiago Soares (tiagosoares-j) said : #6

Well, problem solved (kind of...)

Couldn't find a way to do what was suggested. So, I've:

mv /usr/bin/skype /usr/bin/ (final because it's the one I want to use..)
mv /usr/bin/skype.real /usr/bin/skype (real was created before, was the original one)
opened skype, pinned skype to dock
mv usr/bin/skype /usr/bin/skype.real
mv usr/bin/ /usr/bin/skype

So, everytime I open skype, I have two skype icons (one active, the other isn't). But at least I have it pinned to Docky.

Thanks for all your help.