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Asked by Acir Mandello Junior on 2010-08-05

Hi there,

I've seen some suggestions about the clock applet using calendars backends. But there's something I really miss.

My docky is really small for saving screen space, so the clock is too small to read and I'm used to clock in gnome-panel anyway.

It would be nice to have a skin only showing the actual day (like iCal) or just the date in formats that we can change, like dd-mm-yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy, or whatever the user want. A tip is to use the same way gnome-panel's Clock applet do (html parameters).

Sorry for my english.

Thanks from a Brazilian fan of your work! Ah, big thanks for OMGUbuntu guys for convincing me to use Docky! They really like what you're doing!

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Robert Dyer (psybers) said : #1

Are you referring to the hover text?

No, i mean something like 'Clock Calendar Applet' from AWN without the little clock below, but the clock applet from AWN is a bit ugly.

I think that an applet just for the date would be better. I really like the appearance of iCal (Mac OS). It's just show the actual date. Here's a photo:

I had some ideas:

1 - Make integration with online calendars and/or calendar programs, such as Evolution, Sunbird, etc..
2 - The hovering text can show date in long format choosed by user. For this, the user can choose from a list or edit the way he want. Formats can be edited the same way gnome-panel clock's, such as "%a %d - %b-%Y %H:%M".
3 - Clicking in the applet shows day's appointment or
4 - It can call an external program for viewing and managing appointments, such as Dates.
     4.1 - There's an application called Dates from that's really small and useful. It's in the official repositories.
5 - Make more skins for the applet, so it won't be just a copy of iCal appearance.
     5.1 - If the applet just shows month/date like iCal, the background can be easily editable, so anyone can create their own skin, just following an standard for creation. Background can be a PNG file.

I tried to make the idea the more original as I could. Thanks for answering.

Robert Dyer (psybers) said : #3

I am not sure we will do much (or any) of what you want. Docky's philosophy is to keep things simple and strive for what we call 'sane defaults', which generally means less is better (including options).

Probably the only thing I could see being a (hidden, gconf-only) option in what you want is the ability to specify the date format for the tooltip text.

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