Gnome Do requesting access to the keyring on startup

Asked by lmsurprenant

Recently configured my Karmic Koala system to auto-login and now I see this request every time I log in. I can disable Do at startup, but am so used to being greeted by Do that I'd rather not go without it. I think I can just re-enable the login or type in my password for the keyring, but why is Do requesting this? Perhaps a Do plugin I have installed? Please let me know if there's a way to run Do without requiring keyring access (which I assume isn't given unless I've typed my password), thanks!

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Chad Miller (cmiller) said :

What key does Do say it needs access to?

Run 'seahorse' or 'Passwords and Encryption Keys'. See what keys Do has access to. I'll bet it's a key for some plugin like Google Calendar, which needs a password to operate.

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lmsurprenant (lmsurprenant-gmail) said :

Thanks for the tip, I wasn't familiar with that program/dialog. Turns out I had 3 or 4 keys assigned through various gnome-do plugins that I haven't been using. I deleted these key entries through the 'Passwords and Encryption Keys' program, and no more keyring prompt!

Should Do be requesting access even with these plugins disabled? Or perhaps it could clean these up when a plugin is uninstalled...I could see either way.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your help :-)