Indexing of (sub) folders only rather than files

Asked by Anastasios Marmaras


I have a question similar to the one contained in the "Ignore the contents of a folder, but still allow launching of the folder itself" whose solution unfortunately does not apply to my case because i am asking about multiple (sub) folders.

What i would basically like to do is to be able to use gnome-do to open a folder and all its subfolders but without having to also index all the files contained therein.

A practical example is when i use the files and folders plugin to index: /home/username/ with a depth of, say, 10 in order to capture everything. There are thousands of files inside my home directory making the use of gnome-do for that example problematic but only a hundred of them are really important, the folders themselves.

Launchy, for example, has the possibility to add a folder with any depth in the catalog but index only the subfolders found inside (the inteface is only burdened with a checkbox). Is there some way of doing this with gnome-do ? If not, is a feature like this planned for a future release? If the answer is again no, could i, theoretically speaking, offer to help adding this feature ?

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Best David Siegel (djsiegel-deactivatedaccount) said :

This is something you could work on adding to the Files & Folders plugin. It should be pretty simple. I think at one point someone was working on a way to filter what is indexed by that plugin.

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Anastasios Marmaras (anastasios-marmaras) said :

Well, i assume this means there is currently no simple workaround. I have zero experience with making real changes to an open source project and have only performed some minor hacks for personal use, but i guess there is a first time for everything. Thanks for the reply!

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Matt Walker (matthaeus123) said :

Couldn't gnome-do integrate with the newest versions of Tracker 0.7 so they could share a common database index? tracker 0.7 looks like it will be a big part of gnome in the future.

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techjacker (andy-techjacking) said :

I'd love to see a feature like this.

Indexing all the files is overkill, including just folders would make it much more usable and reduce the initial indexing time.