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Asked by vickoxy

i am testing gnome-do now because i need one fast desktop-searching tool. And it perform really good (especially when i need to find some application). But i do not understand how it does files/folders searching?
1) does it search hidden files? I noticed that sometimes it find something hidden, but in most cases not.
2) can i index whole computer? I added to file list "/" as for hole computer, but i am not sure if that changed anything
3) i have one folder called "work", and pdf files in it are work.pdf, work1.pdf. Why in search results stay only folder "work", but not pdf files?
4) i have one document "work1.doc" on 4 places in home directory-but it showes only one?
5) does gnome-do perform searching text in documents /pdf and doc/-didn´t notice that.
6) what number depth should i put there to perform better files and text search (current is all 1)
7) i did read wiki, but there is no explanation how to set/adjust files searching-is there some how to?
8) i use "super L" for showing desktop-so for quick run i can not use "super l+space". Tried to do it with alt/strg/fn +any other key but it will not accept any of them. Why?

Sorry for so many questions, but i like this tool because it seems fast and not too much power hungry-i run it on dell mini 9 with ubuntu 9.04, and haveGNOME Do
Release-and wanted to have maximum of it.


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vickoxy (vickoxy) said :

Additional question-noticed that maximum of indexing is 3000 files-is some increasing planned (and when)? Not very useful if you want to search all hard disk (and the indexing seems to be just fast enough to make this work good).


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FD (fdouw) said :

Gnome Do is not actually a search tool as far as I know. I suppose what you are looking for is more like Beagle or Tracker; if you use one of these then you might use Do to access them quickly though.

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vickoxy (vickoxy) said :

thanks for answer-i realized that. I activate though in new version (gnome-do 0.8.2) tracker plugin. Hopping that beagle plugin comes soon, because it gives me some better results and i snot indexing data after each restart/standby (though it is a little bit slower than tracker)

Still, gnome-do is very good app-easy comes under skin...

P.S. tried to work with docky but it is too slow and is flickering-is that some docky bug or it happens with all Atom Netbooks?

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Best FD (fdouw) said :

I do not use Docky, so unfortunately I cannot help you with that; I suggest you start a new question for it, so that people who know Docky can find it.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no documentation for the Tracker plug-in; but I suppose you should solve the search issues through the preference for Tracker.

As for the keyboard short cuts; did you look at GNOME’s settings for short cuts: System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts?

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vickoxy (vickoxy) said :

thanks for answer. Keyboard shortcut-i took Alt+x (others are probably appointed to other apps)-so not the problem anymore.

Well tracker is very good implented in docky-so you have right-all issues i have with tracker can be in tracker settings adjusted. Although i would like to see beagle plug in because it is more suitable for me (more results, no indexing after restart...)

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vickoxy (vickoxy) said :

Thanks Floris Douw, that solved my question.