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Asked by DarrenShare on 2009-07-01

I can't work out how to use the "remind me" option and there is no wiki page for it. Please provide an explanation. Do the reminders need to be entered in a specific format? Can you view reminders you've already set up?


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Best Vincent (vinnl) said : #1
Vincent (vinnl) said : #2

Ehm, so basically you summon GNOME Do <Super+Space>, type your reminder ending with when to be reminded (eg. "at 20:30", "in 10m") <tab> type "Remind me" (or a part of it) and if you want to <tab> set to allow snooze (you can use the arrow keys).

The first to steps can also be switched around.

Thanks Vincent, that solved my question.

However, your slighty sarcastic response (" is clear enough :) ") has made me doubt myself; That wiki page wasn't there the whole time was it? The history certainly implies it was only created yesterday.


Vincent (vinnl) said : #6

Sorry, I never meant that to be sarcastic. What happened was that I didn't know how to use it myself, then Googled it, found this question, then recalled that there was a wiki for GNOME Do and then found it. Since I considered just pasting the URL to be a bit rude, I figured I'd write something next to it, but that kind of turned out the wrong way if you considered it sarcasm :P

Anyway, the history does say it was created the 10th of July, so I guess I wanted to find out how it worked at just the right moment :)

lol, no problem Vincent. I thought you were the one who'd wrote the wiki page. Anyway, I've got my answer - everybody's happy :)

wimpunk (wimpunk) said : #8

I arrived here while googling, the website isn't available anymore.