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Asked by Lesley Harrington on 2008-10-12

I would like to open my GMail Inbox from Do. I have GMail bookmarked in Firefox, but Do does not pull up this bookmark (though it does the other Google services I have bookmarked, like Reader). I am not interested in the GMail contacts plugin, rather just opening the page

Is this perhaps due to it being an https (not http) address?

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Lesley Harrington
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felixion (felixion) said : #1

Hi there!
I got Do version 0.5.99, and I got no troubles trying opening or or .

Just entering to text mode, and then doing Open URL.

Lesley Harrington (laharrin) said : #2

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I can also enter text mode and open URL, but I would like to use fewer keystrokes and open with the bookmark instead. I am not clear on why my bookmark, can not be accessed by Do. Or I would be interested in another way to get to my Inbox with a few keystrokes (not having to input the entire URL).

felixion (felixion) said : #3

Hello...well I'm having troubles with Bookmarks in general with Do/Firefox Bookmarks plugin.

It's not a problem for being a secure HTTP or not, because I have access to my bank website, which is secure, through Do/Firefox Bookmarks plugin.

I think has to do with the way Firefox stores the bookmarks, and index them.
Checking some of the files on /home/username/.mozilla/firefox/random.default/bookmarkbackups, I noticed there were some of my bookmarks not index in the .json files, and they are not being listed then on Do.

I also checked and did what it says on, but it wouldn't work either.

I feel a bit clueless, but I guess I will research the way firefox is storing bookmarks...see from there.

Good luck!

Lesley Harrington (laharrin) said : #4

My Gmail bookmark is in both the json file in the bookmarks backup folder of my profile, and in the bookmarks.html file that I exported to my profile folder as per the plugin's instructions for Firefox3. So, still unresolved for me....

Alex Launi (alexlauni) said : #5

I believe there is a bug in the firefox plugin's json parser. I think I have heard people say this before. Could you please file a bug report on the firefox plugin, and you may want to try the plugin, it also indexes bookmarks.

Lesley Harrington (laharrin) said : #6

Thanks, Alex. I have added my comments to bug 276041

my solution to open the gmail inbox with gnome-do

open firefox
open bookmarks
rightclick - new bookmark
name: gmail; location:; tags: gmail

open gnome-do
type: gm
scroll down to URL gmail

close firefox

open gnome-do
type: gm
the URL gmail will appear on top, as gnome remembers your last choise

lisacooper713 (lisacooper713) said : #8

For any gmail technical issue ContactGmail tech support number 1-844-202-5571

FAQ #505: “Banshee plugin loads but doesn't Index my collection, or crashes”.